Telephone team managers course – 2nd & 3rd July 2014

Telephone team manager supervisor team leader training – 2nd & 3rd July 2014. Specially designed training course for all phone team supervisors in customer service, internal sales, telesales, telemarketing, contact centre, and call centre. Share 2 days with some other like minded people in an engaging, interactive course.

Birmingham – telesales mini masterclass 1 day – 10th June 2014

Telesales training masterclass. 1 day in Birmingham. Tuesday 10th June. This is our standard 2 day masterclass squeezed into a pint pot. A 1 day mini masterclass. Working on the power of vocal tone, getting past the gatekeeper, and the structure of the sales call : powerful openings, benefit selling, closing and spotting buying signals.

Customer Service Telesales & Telemarketing training

Telesales, telemarketing, and customer service training from To Market to suit you. Onsite at your premises. 2 day fully interactive telephone skills training for call centre, contact centre, internal sales, telesales, customer service and telemarketing. Or book individual places on our open courses.

Professionalism on the phone – 5 top tips

Professionalism on the phone is key to many customers purchase decisions. Customers, clients and prospects will often make decisions about who they’re going to buy from based on the level of professionalism of the person they speak to. They will also pay more if they believe the seller they’re talking to will offer a more professional service. Make sure this is you.

How to engage your prospect in 2 easy sentences

How to engage your sales prospect in 2 easy sentences is about ensuring your message or spiel (aargh) is delivered with their thoughts and perspective in mind. Hold back on telling them how wonderful your company and it’s products are, and how much you know. It’s not what they want to know.

Buy some huge experience with a short term telesales manager

Buy some huge and wide ranging experience with a short-term telesales or telemarketing manager. You don’t have to commit large sums to someone to head your team – certainly not at the moment. Find out more here.

Quality data – key to telemarketing success

Good quality data is almost certainly the most important element of a successful telemarketing or telesales campaign. Once you’ve decided on your goal, then data is the next thing to consider. All the best creative elements in the world and the best offers and the best products won’t amount to a hill of beans if you’re not aiming your offer to the right market.

8 Appointment setting tips for telemarketers

8 Appointment setting tips for telemarketers. Our experience over the years booking appointments has helped us learn some of the tricks of the trade. Here are 8 tips to help you set more telemarketing appointments more often with more people.

Increasing telesales conversion rates – 5 top tips

It’s all very well making lots of calls, but it’s results you really want. So conversion rate is really important. Here are 5 of our tips for helping get more orders or appointments from your call activity.