Andrew Seaward

Head of To Market

Andrew Seaward has been running To Market since its inception in 1999. Prior to that he worked in business to business marketing for 15 years, running telephone based teams, overseeing customer relationship databases (CRM), and managing marketing systems.

His view is that “people in a phone team speak to more customers on a daily basis than anybody in the company (apart from the receptionist.) Consequently it is vital that they communicate in the right way, and give an image of the company which will make people want to buy from you.“

To Market continues to be successful because of the increasing realisation that customer perception is everything. Customers make all organisations, and growth, and indeed survival all about giving customers what they want in a commercially viable way.

Having trained in excess of 2,500 people and worked with over 250 companies, Andrew is proud that nearly 60% of revenue comes from repeat customers.

He also believes in making the courses fun, click here to see what people say about the courses.

His first book on telephone selling will be published at Easter 2021.

Kieron Murphy

Contact Centre Specialist

Kieron and Andrew first started working together back in 1985. Kieron has 25+ years’ experience at all levels of the UK sales and marketing industry, covering management and leadership, face-to-face sales, contact centres, customer service, and tech support.

He has very practical skills, and a track record of coming up with common-sense solutions, producing significant measurable improvements in results and morale.  He has excellent interpersonal skills and achieves good commercial success through building links between good people management, job satisfaction and enjoyment.

Alan Cook

New Business Development

Alan Cook started working with To Market in 2007, responsible for new business development. He is a trainer with more than 25 years experience, having run his own successful training consultancy for a number of years. He is our travel industry specialist, having worked with Thomas Cook, Page & Moy, Travelsphere, Travel Counsellors and advising on the establishment of the NVQ in travel. In addition Alan has also worked with such clients as Toyota, AXA Insurance, and Vauxhall. He runs programmes for telephone sales, customer service and management.

Get the most out of the teams you have!

Tailored services & Motivational Ideas

From the usual one and 2 day training courses, either in-house or open courses. We also have a kitbag full of motivational ideas and help with incentive schemes through to training for those of you who manage or supervise these teams. We also help with ways of managing up the performance of outbound telemarketing or telesales teams.

Interim Marketing

We can also help if you want to hire in some interim marketing management either to lead, develop or turn around your telesales team, and we offer general marketing management too.