High pressure selling doesn’t work : At least in my opinion it doesn’t.

Many people attend our courses on telesales and telemarketing techniques and express the view that they don’t want to turn into arm-twisting hard sell ‘double glazing’ type salesmen or women. They’re heartened when I tell them that I don’t like high pressure selling, and that it doesn’t work. So I certainly won’t be turning them into aggressive salespeople over the 2 days.

When does hard pressure selling work?

Presumably it does work for some. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it would they?

The interesting thing I’ve noticed is that if you think of any company or industry sector that routinely uses high pressure sales techniques, they are almost certainly business to consumer organisations. Interesting that, why does a hard pressure  approach to sales work in a consumer environment and not B2B (business to business?)

These guys declare war on unethical selling

My theory about why it doesn’t work in B2B

In consumer sales of expensive capital items (such as windows mentioned above or the car industry) chances are the seller won’t meet the customer again. In the case of windows, it will probably be 25 years before the customer is in buying mode again. Even with a car it will typically be 3 years before the customer is back in the market. Will the salesperson still be around by that time? Probably not. Certainly not in 25 years.

Business to business though is different. If you manage to coerce or persuade someone to take a product or service which isn’t really right for them, or you lie to make them part with their hard-earned, they’re not going to come rushing back are they? No, so in B2B companies it is important you try to build an ongoing trading relationship with your customers. As a result this relationship will need to be built on trust and integrity. They will want to be able to trust you in order to keep doing business with you. You have to act ethically. Otherwise you’ll get no repeat business.

In many consumer markets though, it is different. The customer is only ‘in the market’ for your product or service once every few years, and so there is little incentive for you the salesperson to be honest, upfront and credible. You’re likely to be too focused on achieving this month’s sales target and earning commission. Which is a shame.

If you want to develop your telesales or telemarketing team using long-term relationship building techniques, we can do this for you. We help you trade with more people, more frequently and for more money.

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