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How to make the most of call recordings

Using call recordings within your training programme is a great idea provided it is done objectively and not simply as a stick to beat people with. Training programmes are especially powerful where they feature real calls as the participants can identify with the calls personally. To Market can help to develop this training with you.

Will GDPR lead to an increase in telephone prospecting?

Outbound telephone prospecting is back in fashion. It allows you to find out more about what your customers want and really think. It is also entirely numeric. So you can count all of it, and look for changes over time. Working backwards you can see what input you need to generate what output.

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Easy – set up a team audit on your telemarketing team

Having an independent team audit carried out on your telemarketing or telesales team can give big benefits. You will learn things that perhaps you didn’t know or it may confirm your feelings. Book an independent team audit on your team and look for ways to improve results.

Telesales skills course – 17th & 18th March 2015 – Leicester Northampton

Telesales & telemarketing masterclass coming up soon on March 17th & 18th covering Leicester & Northampton. 2 day open course to help you make more effective sales calls by phone. Great telephone techniques help you win more orders, more often from more people. And it’s not difficult. We’ll teach you the tips, and tricks to help you get your customers and prospects onside.

Telesales and Customer Service Training – how our fees are structured

To Market offers a range of tailored in-house and open courses in telephone sales, telemarketing and customer service. These courses are run across the Midlands : Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Northampton, Peterborough. Plus courses for telephone team managers, supervisors and team leaders.