Market seller

Good selling not always about selling

Good selling in B2B is often about informing and offering knowledge, and advice to your customer, then allowing them to make their decision. Building your own credibility with industrial or commercial customers will pay great dividends long-term once they know they can trust you.


Switch selling – some tips

Switch selling and how to. This is about finding another way of offering a different solution for the same requirement. Selling adhesives for instance to someone who thought they wanted nails or screws. This needs some good questioning skills to find out more about the need and also good listening to fully understand the customer’s standpoint. But done well, it helps you build great credibility with your customer.

Solid structure

A good strong call structure – really works

Using a strong call guide or blueprint helps massively when it comes to making great outbound telesales or telemarketing calls. Here we describe how it helps and the key areas to focus on to close more deals with more people more often.