Cold calls fear cartoon

7 tips to overcome cold call fear

7 top tips to help face up to cold call fear. Cold calls for telesales, telemarketing and sales people are a key part of building the business. Not everyone takes on this role eagerly and so here we’ve set down 7 tips that we hope will help.

Getting past the gatekeeper – some telesales tips

Getting past gatekeepers. Remember they’re only doing their job. So get used to it, and learn to work with them rather than against them. Here we share some tips to help you get gatekeepers on side – to help you get through to more decision-makers more often to do more presentations.

How to sell a price difference – Telesales tips

How to sell the price difference – telesales tips. This is a tip I learned a few years ago, and it comes in really useful. If you’re competing with a competitor for a prospect’s business and you’re more expensive – focus on the difference. This makes it a much easier sell.

Don’t recruit a new telemarketing manager yet

Hiring an interim telemarketing or telesales manager can be a more cost effective recruitment solution than going to the expense of recruiting a new full-time telesales or telemarketing manager. It is a more flexible solution too as you avoid much of the statutory regulations and are not committed to paying someone for turning up.

The biggest single factor that determines success for your telesales team

The biggest single factor that determines success for your telesales team isn’t the selling skill of your telesales or telemarketing team, surprisingly. The factor which is more important, much more important is the quality of your data.

Sales tip – don’t call back too often – you look desperate

Sales tip – don’t call back too often – you look desperate. We all appreciate that in sales we need to be ‘on the ball’, ‘on top of our game’ and in constant contact. We don’t want to miss any business opportunities do we? However you also don’t want to look desperate…..

One Minute Manager

Blanchard and Johnson say you should invest in training!

Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s book the One Minute Manager explains that training is imperative to grow your team and your company. Unsurprisingly we agree wholeheartedly. Organisations have no option other than to continually look to raise the bar to ensure they stay one step ahead of the competition.