Nicola – Electrical components – Corby

“A very well presented course. Role play and involvement made it easier to understand”

Rachel Astbury – Electronics – Milton Keynes

Excellent, thoroughly enjoyable and you made sure we were all involved.

Amy – Conference organiser receptionist – Coventry

Really informative and fun.

Michelle – Computer software telemarketing – Leicester

“Informative, useful, enjoyable. Good way of getting colleagues to communicate with each other.”

Andrew – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“Informative and enjoyable focusing on customer service. I’ve been on similar courses but this was by far the best.”

Paul – Foodservice – South Midlands

“I found this one of the more well paced, well balanced courses I have been on in my time here.”

Rebecca – Laboratory supplies – Northampton

“I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt a lot over the last 2 days, due to the entertaining way it was presented by you.”

Christina – Council – Northamptonshire

“Very interesting & helpful and well presented – a most enjoyable 2 days which I believe will help me with my work.”

Gemma S – Sales Manager – Safe installers – Birmingham

Very interesting, a relaxed environment, a lot of valuable topics covered where you learn a lot.

Amanda Paul – Engineering consumables – East Midlands

The course content was fine and adapted well to fit my everyday working life so that I could use everything.

Rhona Silver – Payroll training – Oxford

Time flew – it was very informative and I found Andrew very approachable. It helped in team building and self confidence.

Chris – Industrial Machine Tools – East Midlands

“I thought there was too much listening and not enough exercises to do.”

Dale – Software scanner sales – Lincolnshire

“Now I understand it’s about the customers needs and objectives & not me trying to sell something.”

Michael – Industrial supplies – Leicester

“a big boost for confidence and developing speaking and listening skills.”

Mark – Health insurance – Leicester

“I fully enjoyed the course, well presented and each segment was well put together.”

Cath – Periodicals publishing – Cambridge

“Thoroughly enjoyed it!”