Pete – Printing software – Northampton

“A good refresher for a group with varying degrees of experience – practically based – relevant to what we do – held my interest throughout.”

Beverley – Motor group – Derbyshire

“I now have a better understanding of how to approach the selling and upselling area of the job.”

Kimberly – Food processing – Oxford

Enjoyable, understanding the importance of the salesperson as well as the customer. Shame the course has ended so soon. Thanks a million and more for everything. -x- I could quite easily go through the entire course again, loved it, loved Andrew.

Nicola – Conference organiser – Coventry

Interesting, useful & informative.

Mark T J – Utilities broker – Nottingham

I have known Andrew in a work context now for more than 10 years. He has always been courteous and professional in his dealings with us. His approach to the provision of services is very much about understanding your needs and requirements rather than trying to force a ‘solution’ upon you. from LinkedIn

Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”

Liz Clark – Book seller – Cambridge

“Motivating & also confirms many things you already do can be improved.”

Susan – Motor group – Nottingham

“Very useful and informative. There is a lot to take away and put into practice.”

Vicky – Schoolwear supplier – Nottingham

“I found the delivery very good, and felt very relaxed, and enjoyed the course.”

Gary – Customer Service Manager – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Enjoyable, entertaining, challenging, thought provoking, informative.

Jane Bridle – Meat processing – Coventry

I thought you were very relaxed and friendly which made me want to listen to you, you talked to me and not at me. Well done.

Jackie – Healthcare services – Nottingham

“I enjoyed the course & found the balance between discussion and role play excellent. I don’t normally enjoy role play, but I did this time. The wine helped!”

Michelle – Computer software telemarketing – Leicester

“Informative, useful, enjoyable. Good way of getting colleagues to communicate with each other.”

Ian – IT Development supplier – Leicester

“I did genuinely enjoy the course & feel it was of benefit. There are elements I will certainly take back into the work environment which I think will improve my performance. Thanks !”

Tony – Food distribution – Birmingham

“I found the course enjoyable and fun to do and would just like to say thank you.”

Nicola – Motor dealership – Derby

“Informative and self-assessing.”