Why not set up an easy team audit on your telemarketing team? You’ll have your views on how effective your telemarketing team is I’m sure. Some of them may be great, and some less so. You will want to ensure that they are constantly striving to produce more. To stay ahead of the game, to stay ahead of the competition. You want to make sure that your customer base responds better to your team than anyone else’s. This requires constant input and nurturing. Winning teams win because they have a hunger for winning, and with that comes a desire for continuous improvement.

You may already spend some time with your team, sitting with them while they make calls. But the likelihood is that although you know you should, there never quite seems enough time. Why not book To Market to do it for you? There are many reasons why a team audit could give you great benefits;

  • You benefit from the experience of having someone carry it out who specialises in working with phone teams. So, you get some cross-sector expertise.
  • The person carrying out the audit is independent. They will give you their views, with no prior knowledge of anyone or anything. It’ll be reported as is. You can accept it, you can ignore it. It’s your choice.
  • It signals to the team that you’re interested in developing them.
  • You may be considering training for them, and this is a good litmus test prior to training to identify any issues.

You can find out more about team audits here on the website. The beauty of a team audit, is that it only takes a couple of hours and it’s carried out onsite while your team is working. So it’s non-invasive.

And the investment is only a few hundred pounds.

Team audit – how it works

It is a simple process. I come in for 2 hours and sit with 4 members of your team while they are making their calls. You will be asked to select your 4 with a cross-section of abilities, so that I can form a representative view. They carry on their job in the usual way, with me sitting alongside them for 25 minutes or so. I can learn a lot by doing this, even in this limited period of time.

I am interested in looking at;

  1. Their skills
  2. The process (i.e. how they go about their job role)
  3. The computer database (in terms of how it’s used)
  4. Their approach to the calls
  5. Support systems

You then get the choice of the verbal debrief at the end of the exercise, or for a few £s more you get a written report too. You can download a sample report here.

Pretty straightforward huh? If you want to book a team audit for your team, drop us a line to info@tomarket.co.uk or simply call 01858 461148. 

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