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How about a team audit on your telemarketing team?

Having an independent team audit carried out on your telemarketing or telesales team can give big benefits. You will learn things that perhaps you didn’t know or it may confirm your feelings. Book an independent team audit on your team and look for ways to improve results.

Outbound telephone prospecting is back in fashion

Outbound telephone prospecting is back in fashion. It allows you to find out more about what your customers want and really think. It is also entirely numeric. So you can count all of it, and look for changes over time. Working backwards you can see what input you need to generate what output.

Make sure incentives incentivise – sounds obvious

Running incentive schemes is a valuable part of keeping the telesales or telemarketing team focused on the organisation’s goals. However there are some common banana skins to avoid if you want your commission, bonus and or campaigns to produce the right results. Here 5 of the common pitfalls.

Telesales skills course – 18th & 19th September 2018 – Leicester Northampton

Telesales & telemarketing masterclass coming up soon on September 18th & 19th covering Leicester & Northampton. 2 day open course to help you make more effective sales calls by phone. Great telephone techniques help you win more orders, more often from more people. And it’s not difficult. We’ll teach you the tips, and tricks to help you get your customers and prospects onside.

Carrying out a live audit on your customer service or telesales team

How about a simple 2 hour audit on your telephone team? Non-invasive, so no time off the phone and we’ll give you a view on how your team interacts with customers on the phone. For both outbound telesales or telemarketing or alternatively for inbound customer service teams. It is also great to run it pre-training to help maximise the benefit of the classroom time.

Birmingham – telesales mini masterclass 1 day – 20th August 2018

Telesales training masterclass. 1 day in Birmingham. Monday 20th August. This is our standard 2 day masterclass squeezed into a pint pot. A 1 day mini masterclass. Working on the power of vocal tone, getting past the gatekeeper, and the structure of the sales call : powerful openings, benefit selling, closing and spotting buying signals.

Directing the conversation – the easy 2 stage process

Directing the conversation is an important skill on the telephone. You have only minutes to get the job done usually. You may be in a proactive role such as telephone selling or telemarketing. But you don’t want to do all the talking. I appreciate that many who try to sell over the phone ignore this.…