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Invest in some training ahead of the move back to work

Are you keen to add to the skills of your sales team as we all return to work?

As the UK opens back up for business, there will be an inevitable rush from everyone trying to refloat their business. Aiming at many market sectors perhaps where there will be less money around for a while.

You have the opportunity to invest in your team, while things are still relatively quiet for most. To Market will be running a one day sales communication course in the next few weeks for any members of your sales team.

  • Field sales
  • Office based sales teams (telemarketing / telesales etc.)

Although it is a one day course, we’re not expecting anyone to sit at a screen solidly for 8 hours! So we’ll be running the course over 5 Zoom sessions. The fee for attendance is just £149 per person. The standard fee is usually £199, so this is a lockdown, lock-in price for this period only.

Course topics 

During the programme we’ll cover the following topics;

  • Questioning techniques (why questions are the answer)
  • Selling your customer the benefits (Features, Advantages & Benefits)
  • Structuring the sales call part 1
    • Pre-call planning
    • Good solid call openings
  • Structuring the sales call part 2
    • Matching statements
    • Dealing with humans
    • Buying signals
    • Closing
  • Saying Yes to Nos (dealing with Objections and Nos)
  • How do you get past the gatekeeper?

What next?

You can find out details of the dates of this course, either on the right part of this screen or by checking out the blog here.

Payment is in advance. We can invoice you as soon as you state that you want to book places. Any other questions, get in touch here.