Will GDPR lead to an increase in telephone prospecting? It seems likely.

Following the letter of the law strictly, it seems that the arrival of the tighter GDPR regulations could well dramatically reduce the volume of marketing e-mails sent and received.

If that is the case, then how will companies get their message out to their prospective client base? There are some big expensive answers to that of course, such as more advertising, or trade shows etc. But if it’s mass-broadcast and low cost, there aren’t many options.

You could start sending out more mail. I think there will be a rise in mailings. But of course with the price of stamps these days (or postage through your franking machine), this is expensive. From 1st April first class will be 67p and second class 58p. So just 100 letters will cost £58 – £67.

As a result targeting will become of paramount importance. You won’t want to be throwing our marketing budget after companies who could never buy your products or services in a month of Sundays. A good time to consider phoning all your ‘live’ database then to check that all your contacts are up to date and potential purchasers.

If that all puts you off, then surely it has to be either telephoning or social media. With social media, I find that there is growing frustration getting traction with your prospect base. The great appeal originally was of course that it is free. It just takes time. But that very fact means that everyone can do it. Consequently, interweb is awash with people trying to flog their services and products.

Which leaves phoning. This is a way of  having some quality 1-2-1 time with some of your prospects to chat to them. It should always be seen as a 2-way conversation. If a sales opportunity comes from it, great, that’s a bonus. First we have to aim to chat to them. Find out what they’re using, what’s important to them. That helps us build up the information we need which in turn identifies the opportunities.

If lead generation is an important part of your sales funnel, and you want to boost the effectiveness of your phone team, let’s talk.

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