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Incentives must incentivise – sounds obvious

Running incentive schemes is a valuable part of keeping the telesales or telemarketing team focused on the organisation’s goals. However there are some common banana skins to avoid if you want your commission, bonus and or campaigns to produce the right results. Here 5 of the common pitfalls.

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5 tips to get your commission scheme right

Commission schemes need to be well constructed to ensure they work for your organisation. They must be there to motivate. They mustn’t simply pay more for the same. Does your telesales or telemarketing scheme pass muster? A good, clear commission scheme will help you achieve better results. A bad one is worse than doing nothing at all.

Pre-training team audits

How about a ‘live’ audit on your customer service or telesales team?

How about a simple 2 hour audit on your telephone team? Non-invasive, so no time off the phone and we’ll give you a view on how your team interacts with customers on the phone. For both outbound telesales or telemarketing or alternatively for inbound customer service teams. It is also great to run it pre-training to help maximise the benefit of the classroom time.

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Coaching – some new tools

New enhanced coaching for telephone based teams from To Market. Customer Service, Internal Sales, Telesales. Invest in some objective measuring of call quality. Can be carried out using a blend of onsite and offsite coaching.