Telesales masterclass – 14th & 15th December 2010

2 day masterclass for all telemarketing and telesales personnel. In 2 days we’ll guide you through the most effective ways to sell more to more people more often. We’ll cover listening skills, questioning, how to use your voice, objection handling, how to direct the conversation etc.

How to be an effective phone team manager – some free tips

How to be an effective phone team manager – some free tips. Great ideas came out of a recent course we ran for a team of telephone team managers in Birmingham. We run courses for telesales, telemarketing, customer service and internal sales team managers, supervisors and team leaders and we enjoy seeing buckletloads of good ideas coming out. Here are some top tips – some great advice from the participants.

The magic ingredient that will help you get on in life – ENTHUSIASM

Enthusiasm and energy makes successful sales people. Our telesales training features work on the true impact of your voice : how a stranger can tell 40+ things about you from the first 6 words of a telephone conversation. Make sure your energy level and enthusiasm give the right image.

Make sure your telesales team is targeted on what you are targeted on

Telesales and telemarketing teams should be targeted on what the managers are targeted on. Too often teams are targeted to achieve something out of line with corporate objectives : for instance sales volume rather than profitable sales …..

Unsolicited telephone sales calls can be illegal

Unsolicited telephone sales calls can be illegal. So this means you can’t simply start calling names and companies at random from a list. Make sure your telephone sales calls are legal by getting your list checked against the Corporate telephone preference service register.

Get flexibility with a short term telesales manager for your team

Get more flexibility with a short term telesales manager for your team. You may be appoint a manager from within the team. Maybe they lack some of the experience in the short -term. Alternatively you could look to hire someone who is the finished article – but naturally they cost more. You do have a third option. You could hire in an outside manager for a short period of time. That way you get the experience and expertise without the ongoing commitment.

Hire an interim to support your new telesales team leader or supervisor

If you have a junior or newly promoted telesales or telemarketing team leader, supervisor or manager, they may need some short-term support in setting up the key business systems that will help them with the ongoing managment of the team. We can help with this. KPIs, commission schemes, checking database quality. You name it, we’ve spent many years doing it !