Andrew Seaward - lead trainer

Andrew Seaward – To Market

You want to ensure that your office-based team is focused and motivated. To achieve the best results they can. Naturally, you want the best return for what you’re investing in them. To Market offers a wealth of experience in helping companies, big and small develop better relationships with customers over the phone. Good communication skills are vital to ensure your customers receive the level of service they deserve. You want them to keep coming back to place more business with you more often.

Our courses are designed to be lively, and interactive. They are run in-house at your offices. They achieve results by helping your team get more from their own communication style. Find out about our core courses.

Alternatively, if you’re only looking for training for 1 or 2 people, have a look at our open courses to see what’s coming up in the Midlands.

How about starting with a team audit?

How about starting by getting an audit carried out with your team? 2 hours on site – making observations about how your team interacts with your customers on the phone. Team audit details here.

Andrew has been running To Market for over 20 years. He previously worked in marketing roles, in B2B organisations. He has also served as a Non-Executive Director for a rapidly growing Midlands logistics and warehousing company. Consequently, he has extensive experience in working within corporate structures as well as running 2 current businesses.

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