What to do with Christmas – business review

Christmas and new year is a great time to take stock and review your business, your product lines, your customer mix etc. Most of the country goes quiet, so you can take time out to think, without being worried that the rest of the economy and your competitors in particular are stealing a march on you.

Telephone team side on

Telemarketing appointment setting – low cost route to market

Telemarketing appointment setting could be a low cost route to market for you. Setting it up correctly is key to making this work. Tips on appointment making for telemarketing and lead generation teams as well as field based sales teams here.

How to sell more – 4 quick wins

All you really want to do is generate more business. To sell more. To more people, more often. Here are 4 quick wins that will help you convert the warmest leads you have in your pipeline. You may be all over these topics, but most aren’t.

8 Appointment setting tips for telemarketers

8 Appointment setting tips for telemarketers. Our experience over the years booking appointments has helped us learn some of the tricks of the trade. Here are 8 tips to help you set more telemarketing appointments more often with more people.

7 tips to overcome cold call fear

7 top tips to help face up to cold call fear. Cold calls for telesales, telemarketing and sales people are a key part of building the business. Not everyone takes on this role eagerly and so here we’ve set down 7 tips that we hope will help.

Marketing half day seminar for Leicestershire start-up businesses

Marketing half day seminar for Leicestershire businesses. Recent workshop conducted by Andrew Seaward of To Market in support of the SPARK initiative. Covered all the main topics a small or newly launched business will need to consider in order to get it’s name out and find customers. And all without a vast marketing budget. And no, social media is not necessarily the answer.

Get all your sales quotes out within 48 hours

Get all your sales quotes out within 48 hours. Have standards and sales proposal templates to use to ensure all sales activity is followed up rapidly. Make sure you perform to this standard and demand it of others if you’re the manager. What’s the worst that will happen? You just might win some more orders. Find out how it makes it easier for you too.

Now is the time for small business to do your own telemarketing calls

Top tips for small business to do your own business development calls. OK, so the business environment is challenging. You can sit and wonder what to do to stimulate customers to come to you. Trouble is most of this costs : advertising, PR etc. A more cost effective way of doing it is to make…