Key responsibilities as a telesales or customer service team manager are many. We’re not saying for one minute that if you apply these key however many principles your life will be wonderful…… HOWEVER

Telemarketing and customer service management tips

There are some key bits of advice and tips that come up time and time again.

  1. Be prepared to lead from the front (set a good example with behaviour and attitude) Be someone they can look up to.
  2. Set targets with your team. Admittedly easier with a telesales or telemarketing team than customer service but important nonetheless. Everyone needs to know what they’re supposed to be doing and how much of it they’re supposed to be doing.
  3. Give each of the members of your time (specific one to one time) and learn about them as individuals. By understanding them, and their goals and personality, you’ll find it so much easier to manage and motivate them. And they’ll respect you more for the time and attention you give them. It’s exactly the same with children for that matter!
  4. Adopt a calm attitude. Don’t allow little things to make you anxious (regardless of how you feel inside!) A calm leader will find their team respond better and learn to be calm themselves.
  5. Be positive. It is always easier to be negative and point out all that’s wrong with everyone else and with the company. Once you’re perfect – then you’ve got the right, but not until …..
  6. Learn. Always be looking for opportunities to learn. Watch what other people do : other managers, other human beings in certain situations, from books, from television, from Mary Portas, from Sir Alan Sugar. Opportunities for personal growth are all around – all the time.

We’ll put together some more ideas on this in the not too distant, but for the time being use some of these 6 principles. And if you have any ideas of your own : about the key responsibilities of a telesales or telemarketing or customer service manager, let us know at We may include your ideas and if we do, we’ll credit you as the source.

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