What to do with Christmas – business review

Christmas and new year is a great time to take stock and review your business, your product lines, your customer mix etc. Most of the country goes quiet, so you can take time out to think, without being worried that the rest of the economy and your competitors in particular are stealing a march on you.

How do you follow-up visitors to your website?

It is important to follow-up enquiries and even website visitors quickly, shortly after they’ve been on your site. There are services that allow you see who these B2B visitors are. Ensure you have a plan in place to maximise the opportunities that are coming your way daily.

How to sell more – 4 quick wins

All you really want to do is generate more business. To sell more. To more people, more often. Here are 4 quick wins that will help you convert the warmest leads you have in your pipeline. You may be all over these topics, but most aren’t.

Northampton – How to win more business over the phone

How to win more business over the phone. A one day workshop rather than training on how to build your small or medium sized business with more proactive telephone work. We’ll help you structure your approach, your calls, and come up with ways of overcoming your most likely objections. Plus we’ll help you put together some great benefit statements to promote your business.

Want to sell more?

Sell More. We all want to, but it’s not always that easy to build sales momentum. How are you doing with these 10 areas of marketing? Between them they could be stifling growth or stimulating it. By using a network of clever specialists you can help identify what is holding you back.

The 3 key things you need to grow your small business

3 key things to give some attention to if you’re starting your own business or looking to develop the small business you’ve got. Getting your business idea to the starting line is just that – the start. Keeping it going, nourishing it, and growing it all take additional skills and energy. These 3 points will all help.

New financial year April – Learning and development budgets

April new financial year, new budgets and the time & opportunity to invest in the most costly asset your business has – it’s people. Customer handling, selling, complaint handling, generation of new business are key components of success for any organisation. Our programmes are designed to fit whether you have a budget of £35 or £35,000. Invest in your team, and give them the springboard to help grown your business.

7 tips to overcome cold call fear

7 top tips to help face up to cold call fear. Cold calls for telesales, telemarketing and sales people are a key part of building the business. Not everyone takes on this role eagerly and so here we’ve set down 7 tips that we hope will help.