How to sell a price difference – Telesales tips

How to sell the price difference – telesales tips. This is a tip I learned a few years ago, and it comes in really useful. If you’re competing with a competitor for a prospect’s business and you’re more expensive – focus on the difference. This makes it a much easier sell.

Telemarketing scripting – why it’s a good idea

Telemarketing scripting – the case in favour. Scripts have a bad press. Many people recoil in horror at the very mention of the word – but wait – hear me out! The reason I suspect that many people don’t like scripts is because we associate them with half-witted telesales and telemarketing people calling us (often at…

Appointment setting for IFAs – get more appointments

Appointment setting for IFAs highly important for independent financial advisors. You have a range of financial products to sell and advice to give : mortgage advice, pension advice, equity release, savings and investments products. This work is often effectively outsourced using a small telemarketing agency. More details follow

Get some outsourced telemarketing services for a limited monthly outlay

Get some telephone skills training for a limited monthly outlay using our outsourced telemarketing services. We have a series of options to help you budget more easily. You can select 4, 6 or 12 days outbound telemarketing calling per month according to your needs.

Talk to your lapsed customers – they’re the 2nd best source of business !

Outsourced telesales and telemarketing agency services can help you target lapsed customers – the second easiest market sector to target. They’ve bought from you before. Using our telemarketing services we can make calls on your behalf and find out what it will take to buy from you again.

Telemarketing agency – outsourced telemarketing in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire

Telemarketing agency offering outsourced telemarketing in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Derby, Nottingham, Lougborough, Coalville, Northampton and Leicester. To Market will supply you with outsourced telemarketing services for a trial or campaign period. This outsourced telemarketing agency or telemarketing service will make new business calls to your potential clients – to help you generate sales, identify leads and source new customers.