Targeting lapsed customers – a must have

Contacting your lapsed customers is generally reckoned to be the second best place to get additional business. It is worth asking them why they’re no longer trading with you. Using some independent outsourced telemarketing can help you achieve this.

Benefit selling on the phone – Make sure you do

Selling benefits on the phone rather than waffling on about features is key to success. Develop words and an approach which sounds relevant, thought provoking and beneficial for them. Also use creative and imaginative language to lift the tone of what you’re offering. The first few seconds are vital and so getting their attention early on makes everything a lot easier.

Why payment by results with a telemarketing company is not as good an idea as it looks

Outsourcing your telemarketing or telesales may be the right thing for you to do to develop new sales opportunities in these cost-conscious times. Many agencies operate in many different ways in terms of their fee scales. Payment by results may appear to be the best option – a no brainer. But before you sign, consider this, it may not always be as good as it first appears.

Our top 10 tips for getting past the gatekeeper – Leicester training

10 of our top tips on getting past the gatekeeper, from a recent telesales course in Leicester. Some will work better than others for you, and different situations will require different remedies. Nevertheless getting past the gatekeeper is an occupational hazard for telesales, telemarketing and other people developing new business in B2B markets.

Used professionally your sales script is a powerful tool

Call guides and scripts. Constructed and used professionally, they can be a powerful tool to help you dig up more opportunities on the phone. But used badly, they give us all a bad name. Here, we set out some of the main factors to consider when preparing yourself for effective outbound calls.

The best and worst times of the week to make sales calls

When are the worst times of the week or day to make outbound telephone sales or telemarketing calls? Monday mornings are a waste of time, Friday afternoons don’t even bother. The first hour 9 – 10 is a bit fruitless and don’t try to get a decision-maker during school holidays. Summer holidays, July and August are also to be avoided. Most of December is a write-off to be honest. And so it goes. What does that leave? When is it best to hit the phones to reach your target prospect?

Birmingham – telesales mini masterclass 1 day – 10th June 2014

Telesales training masterclass. 1 day in Birmingham. Tuesday 10th June. This is our standard 2 day masterclass squeezed into a pint pot. A 1 day mini masterclass. Working on the power of vocal tone, getting past the gatekeeper, and the structure of the sales call : powerful openings, benefit selling, closing and spotting buying signals.

Quality data – key to telemarketing success

Good quality data is almost certainly the most important element of a successful telemarketing or telesales campaign. Once you’ve decided on your goal, then data is the next thing to consider. All the best creative elements in the world and the best offers and the best products won’t amount to a hill of beans if you’re not aiming your offer to the right market.