It’s just coming to the end of half-term week here in the UK, and I’m reflecting on what has been a successful week on the phone. Lots of outbound telesales calls made, and fairly good results.

So were contacts not on holiday then? Well, no actually many of them were. On lots of calls I got the familiar line “they’re on holiday this week, they’ll be back Monday.”

This reminds me of conversations that I have with many clients and phone team managers. When are the best times to call? Then of course I’ve heard all the reasons why you shouldn’t call.

  • “There’s no point phoning in the first hour of the day, as everyone is in meetings.”
  • “Monday mornings are a waste of time, as everyone is planning out their week.”
  • “Don’t bother with Friday afternoons, everyone goes home early.”
  • “Any time between 12 – 2 is a bit of a dead loss as that’s when everyone goes to lunch.”
  • “There’s not a lot of point planning a campaign over July and August as that’s when everyone is away.”
  • “And if you don’t get the commitment by late November, you’ve got no chance because everyone delays decisions until the new year.

And so it goes on. All of the statements above are fairly truthful. They’re logical. And so as a result you could quite easily talk yourself out of phoning prospective clients at all sorts of times. Wrong time of day, wrong time of the week, wrong time of the year.

But of course, the chances are that simply by making more calls, you create more opportunities. I concede that for many companies in manufacturing, they close early on Fridays. And I’m sure you have this noted on your CRM system anyway. So you wouldn’t call them on a Friday afternoon in any case. However fortune favours the brave and so crack on. For every phone session that you do, make as many calls as you realistically can.

I often have a great last hour (4-5 p.m.), speaking to more decision-makers than in other hours. Other times I feel it has been a complete waste of time. On one day earlier this week, I spoke to just one person all day : well a little under 3 hours of phoning. A couple of days later I did slightly longer on the phone and spoke to 9 decision-makers and had some great calls into the bargain.

Don’t give up, keep at it and results will come. Admittedly I do often need to heed my own advice, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

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