How to sell a price difference – Telesales tips. This is a topic that came up recently again with a group of phoners I was training in Milton Keynes. How to make the selling job considerably easier for yourself, if you’re more expensive than the competitor you’re competing with.  

Imagine you’re trying to sell a product or service to someone and it is £350, against a competitor at £300. What you do is talk only about the £50 because that’s all you’re selling against. It’s no longer about your product at £350, it’s only about £50 and that is a lot easier to sell.

How do I do it? 

You will need to sell your benefits hard (probably.) Remind them of what extra they get from you for ‘just an additional’ £50. Suddenly it doesn’t sound so challenging does it?

I remember once choosing a hotel for a weekend night away and family get together.  I turned down the one at £120 that I knew was a good hotel in order to save money and ended up selecting one that was nowhere near as good at £100. And what had I saved ? Well yes, just £20. Was it worth it? No? Did I learn a lesson through that experience? Yes, most certainly.

Masters at this technique 

Sales people in the car trade and some technology companies are great at this. You walk in and are interested in a car at say £7,200. They then show you that model over there at ‘just’ £7,400 which ‘of course’ has the bigger engine and the leather seats. It’s ‘only’ an extra £200 after all! And if you start showing interest in that, well there’s that model over there “which we’ve got a special deal on for this weekend only.” That’s got the bigger engine too, the i-pod docking station, the sunroof plus climate control and it’s only £7,900 – just an extra £500 – that’s all! You can see how this works can’t you?

Businesses too such as Waitrose are currently very successful at persuading us to buy more expensive products than their competitors. We are trading up to get more benefits, we believe.

Get clued  up 

In order to be able to do this and use this – you will need to understand something about your competitors – their features, plus of course their strengths and weaknesses. But you’re a professional sales person, so you do don’t you?!

This technique is something we cover on our 2 day telesales masterclass course. It is also explained in our accompanying audio CD available through Associated Learning Systems.

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