Telemarketing training – Peterborough

Recently I ran a 2 day telemarketing programme for a B2B company in Peterborough. The team audit was carried out a couple of weeks in advance and 2 major things came out of it. There wasn’t enough benefit selling going on during the call and They weren’t as good at dealing with objections as they…

Customers like to say yes

Customers like to say yes. The most natural thing perhaps is to want to say yes when someone asks you a question. We all like to please. I was staying in a hotel in the North West while carrying out a programme of telephone skills training. I was sat there coming to the end of…

Get some outsourced telemarketing services for a limited monthly outlay

Get some telephone skills training for a limited monthly outlay using our outsourced telemarketing services. We have a series of options to help you budget more easily. You can select 4, 6 or 12 days outbound telemarketing calling per month according to your needs.

Telesales training for plastic packaging companies

Telephone skills training for companies in the plastics and plastic packaging markets. To Market provides customer service, telemarketing and telesales training courses for companies looking to grow their sales and focus on exceptional customer service.