This is a way to get some outsourced telemarketing services for a limited monthly outlay.


Using our outsourced telemarketing service for companies in Northampton, Leicester, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, Loughborough, Coalville, this blog is  about you using some ‘turn it on, turn it off’ outsourced new lead generation services. You may have considered it before, or you might perhaps already be doing it. However with business getting more difficult to find in many market sectors, it is worth revisiting all marketing initiatives, especially if they can become self-financing.


So what’s the deal ?

We are offering you 3 options for outsourced telemarketing using To Market’s Phone4You service;

  • 4 days per month
  • 6 days per month
  • 12 days per month


What do I get ?

We will make calls to nominated contacts that you supply us with (in Excel normally) to identify business potential and carry out market intelligence.


You’ll get the chance to have input into the brief. So you tell us what you want out of the calls, what information you want us to gather for you (e-mail addresses, whose products they currently use, when they’re next in the market – that sort of thing.) We do this at a sit down meeting with you.


We will have a review with you at the end of the first month to let you know what happened when we were calling your potential customers. We give you 3 types of marketplace feedback ;


·        Qualitative written report (to give you an overall feel for what happened)

·        Full call notes (so that you can read about each call & plan follow-up actions accordingly)

·        Debrief meeting to give you verbal feedback & you the chance to ask anything of us



How much ?

It will depend on what you think is most appropriate for you : the size of your business, your budget and how much marketing activity you want to be involved in. Our fees are based on the number of days you require ;

  • 4 days per month                 £   750 per month
  • 6 days per month                 £   995 per month
  • 12 days per month               £1,995 per month


And there’s more !


What else do I get ?

Some elements of free consultancy – that’s what ! We’re keen to make sure you get the maximum benefit out of this outsourced work (this gives us a better chance of you sticking with us of course !) And we’re more interested if we can work alongside you to make sure any telemarketing activity we undertake for you fits your overall marketing and sales objectives.


  • Phone4You – 4                  A debrief meeting on your premises at the end of the first month and then quarterly thereafter. We’re keen to take feedback and tell you what we think would work best given the conversations we’ve had in your marketplace.


  • Phone4You – 6                  Plus ½ day sales and marketing consultancy per quarter to help you get the most out of the work we do for you.    + half a day’s phoning per month for database cleaning. So we’ll call 50 names to clean your data ahead of the next month’s calling, thereby saving you money on paying for us to call ‘dead’ leads.


  • Phone4You – 12                All of the added value items from the previous options. 

Plus we’ll source up to 50 new organisations for you to add to your database. These will be to criteria set by you (such as industry sector and geographical location.) We’ll then ‘validate’ them for you, i.e. call them to gather correct contact names and get e-mail addresses where possible.


There are no additional fees, not for set-up, or ongoing management. What we are offering you is a market test to help identify some potential customers and gain more knowledge about what is going on in your market. Also we’re unbiased and can report back whatever we’re told.


If this is something of interest to you, simply e-mail us at and we’ll contact you to discuss it further. The first 25 respondents will receive a copy of our tips booklet titled “Choosing a good telemarketing partner” to give tips on outsourcing a campaign successfully.

Outsourced telemarketing - Leicestershire

Outsourced telemarketing - Leicestershire