It is easy when managing or setting up a telemarketing or telesales team to assume that you’re looking for that x factor, that elusive characteristic that will ensure the success of your team.

You will need a good capable team? Yes of course. A good CRM system? Possibly, but not necessarily. But what you do need above all else is well targeted data. You want to ensure that you or your team is spending as much time as possible every day talking to your potential prospects. People who could potentially buy your products or services.

If you have your own data, built up over years great. If not, or you’re looking to build your pot, or approach new sectors, you may need to buy in additional data. Yes there is a potential cost implication to this. But it will be dwarfed by the cost of wasted effort if you don’t take this bit seriously. And no just searching on Google or in the phone directories is not a viable alternative – unless you have such a niche offering that your target market is very small and likely to be easily identifiable by doing a Google search.

And imagine the extra marketing effort you’ll be prepared to put in. E-flyers or letters. All the best preparation, the brilliantly designed eflyer templates, the great offer and benefit statements,  will make no difference if you’re not calling well targeted prospects from an an up to date list.

Therefore I recommend that before you even think about the details and the ‘hook’ in your marketing campaign that you profile your target customers. Who are they? Where are they? How do you identify them? Consider industry sectors, geographical location, job titles, company size etc.

The more thought and work you do on your campaign at this stage the more successful it will be. Then you can start getting excited about the creative elements of what you’re offering.

Some companies may believe in the maxim of “we sell to anybody.” Rarely is that true in practice. To make your campaign work – go for the low hanging fruit first.

Have a look for data providers, or list brokers. There are many good quality providers out there. Contact them, pick their brains. Any professional provider should be able to guide you through the process and help you with some counts to fit your target market. There are usually minimum charges so you may want to but in data for more than just your next campaign. Recency is always an issue for companies supplying data. A list will start to get out of date as soon as it is compiled. So don’t worry about gone aways or closed downs. Do however insist that your provider replaces any such dead records with replacements.

If you want to chew the cud with someone about your next telemarketing campaign or how to get the best out of your in-house telemarketing team let me know. I’ll be glad to talk to you about it.

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