Talk to your lapsed customers ! After all they’re the second best source of business.


Traditional sales books tell us that the easiest (and cheapest) people to sell to are your customers. Much of your sales effort is probably already targeted at this group, at a time when they must be made to feel special !


The next best group to talk to are those people who have bought from you in the past, but aren’t now. Why are they not buying ? Has their business experienced a downturn perhaps ? Or have they found an alternative supplier to you ? If so, what do they think of your competitor and what would it take to win them back ?


We can find out for you – by making these calls on your behalf.


We are offering you a market test to help you gain more knowledge about what is going on in your market. Also (of course) we’re unbiased and can report back whatever we’re told.


These aren’t cold calls as these organisations will (hopefully) at least know you. Typically the obvious answer is to get your field based sales people to make these calls. But let’s face it they’re not always motivated to want to do it are they ?! Also it can be difficult to get a clear idea about quantifiable activity : how many calls are being made and what each contact says.


We can provide this work with full reporting afterwards.


So if outsourcing such a telemarketing project is of interest to you, contact us for more details. You can either call or e-mail us at We’ll let you know things like how many names we’ll need, how long it is likely to take, and what the fees are likely to be.


The first 30 responses will receive a copy of our tips booklet titled “Choosing a good telemarketing partner” to help guide you through the steps to outsourcing a campaign successfully.

This service is available across the Midlands including Loughborough, Coalville, Leicester, Northampton, Market Harborough, Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough, as well as Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.