Appointment setting for IFAs is highly important for most independent financial advisors. You have a good range of financial products to sell and advice to give : mortgage advice, pension advice, equity release, savings and investments products. The most common way to sell these is to visit people in their homes or companies. So having a good pipeline of appointments is key to this. But how to do it ? You can of course get on the phone and make the calls yourself. At least with the regulatory framework of the financial services industry, there are unlikely to be many cold calls. Mostly I find IFAs are following up respondents to other marketing initiatives.


But like many markets at the moment, there is not always enough business to go round. Many IFAs I speak to, freely admit that they’re keen to get other people to do the calling for them, as making telemarketing calls is not necessarily their specialism – talking about financial products is.


The obvious thing then is to sub-contract this work out to other people. Our phone4you service is specifically aimed at running small scale outbound projects for people, and we have worked with a number of IFAs over the years. We agree a fixed monthly fee (which helps with budgeting.) Then analysis is provided at the end of each month. Most IFAs are able to supply us with the names to call. This is always better than us sourcing them, as your list is likely to have been ‘opted-in’ in some form. Nevertheless, we can, and do source lists of corporate names for independent financial advisors wanting to expand their coverage of the business market. Send us an e-mail to if this is something you are interested in.

In a future article I’ll write about the key things we need to know from you before we start and a host of other useful tips we’ve learnt over the years.