Outbound telephone prospecting is back in fashion.  In spite of the rise in internet shopping and transactions online, the B2B world appreciates that often you need a human involved in the sales and or prospecting process.

And being proactive never hurt anyone. Provided it is done professionally of course. But then you’re reading this, so of course you’re professional!

Much activity is being put into developing what is known as inbound marketing. Developing websites and social media in other words. Nevertheless, there is a recognition that this isn’t the full story.

Managing the sales pipeline is a key part of sales management. Finding new and more effective ways of broadcasting your message is key for marketing managers. As the amount of ‘noise’ and ‘clutter’ increases, so does the need to have some closely targeted and focused marketing activity.

There are many benefits to outbound telephone work (prospecting, appointment setting and lead generation.) Getting direct feedback from your customer and prospect base is an important one. Let’s assume 1 person calls for close on 7 hours per day. Chances are they will talk to 25 people who do or who could buy your products or services. That’s EVERY DAY. Just think how much knowledge you can glean from that.

A second benefit I like is that all the work is empirical. You can count everything. As a team manager, supervisor or team leader you can record and analyse how many dials each person makes. How many decision-makers they get through to, and what results they achieve : number of orders, appointments etc.

Then you can compare between members of your team. Also how are they doing compared with the same month last year? Or last month? What’s the trend over time?

Managing and filling the sales pipeline gets easier. You can start to work out how many calls the team will need to make in order to get a defined end result. Whether that is sales, appointments, whatever.

Consider improving your outbound telemarketing or telesales team, by structuring their work and investing in training for them. If you want to find out more about this, contact us via e-mail info@tomarket.co.uk or if time is of the essence, call us today on 01858 461148. 

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OP 2-12-14