One Minute Manager

Blanchard and Johnson say you should invest in training! And frankly with a million selling iconic business book to their name who are we to argue?

In the mid ’80s the Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson launched the business book ‘The One Minute Manager.’ It is still widely available and well worth a read. Along with ‘Who moved my cheese’ it is one of the shortest and easiest to read management books you will find.

One Minute Manager

Training is imperative – don’t just take our word for it


One passage I think is particularly instructive is ;

“You really have three choices as a manager. First you can hire winners. They are hard to find and they cost money. Or second, if you can’t find a winner, you can hire someone with the potential to be a winner. Then you systematically train that person to become a winner. If you are not willing to do either of the first two (and I am continually amazed at the number of managers who won’t spend the money to hire a winner or take the time to train someone to become a winner), then there is only the third choice left – prayer.” From the One Minute Manager (Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson)

Frankly we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. The need for training and developing staff is imperative. Tomorrow’s standards have to be higher than today’s and today we must strive to achieve more than we did yesterday.

Customers and consumers have ever higher demands and expectations, largely because somebody, somewhere is striving to offer them. If it’s not you, it will be your competitors.

There are many ways you can develop and train your staff. Taking them out to see client or customer sites helps them visualise other aspects of their job. This is particularly important for telesales and telemarketing people who are usually cocooned in the office. On the job training from more experienced team members, product training from manufacturers are all great ideas that don’t need to cost a lot or indeed anything at all. But don’t forget the importance of extenal training where your team members benefit from specialised training skills.

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