Make your products or services sound interesting and engaging on the phone. You have to grab and then keep the other person’s attention within the first few seconds of a telephone call. So it must sound;

  • Relevant
  • Thought provoking
  • Of clear benefit to them

The easy thing of course is to describe your offering with some facts about your products or services. It may be technically correct but it hardly stirs the soul in many instances.

During our 2 day telephone selling course aimed at telemarketers and telesales, we run a module where the delegates consider Features, Advantages & Benefits of many everyday items. All highly interactive – designed to make you think.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

First we define our terms;

  • Feature is a technical aspect or description of part of a product or service (what it is / what it does)
  • Advantage is the reason the feature exists
  • Benefit is why you  the customer customer can’t do without it.

The Feature  is something that has been added to the product or service. The half load button on the dishwasher, or the 5 year major parts warranty are features. Even a clocking in system at work is a feature – in this case of a process. Everything that requires money to be spent on it must have features. Otherwise why would anybody ever buy it? Once you start answering this question, you start to identify features, advantages and benefits.

The Advantage is the reason the manufacturer or supplier added that feature in the first place. If there was no advantage why would they bother? The advantage of the 5 year warranty is that you are protected from the risk of having any big bills in the first 5 years.

The benefit then that you’re trying to get to is why the customer should take action. If you can demonstrate that your product will likely save the customer money over time – they will listen. If it will cut down the time it takes them to perform a process – they will listen. Because they know saving time = saving money. Offering employees an enhanced pension product will help you feel good about how you treat your employees and make you look good to them. This results in better staff motivation and retention.

Many other add-ons too

Even the language you use can make your offering sound more appealing. “We’ve got this great new product out ….” or perhaps, “honestly I have to tell you, something we’re getting lots of enquiries about at the moment is …….”

Here’s the offer

Features, Advantages and Benefits is a topic featured in our range of audio CDs available through our sister company Associated Learning Systems.

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