Think very carefully about paying a company purely on results, (i.e. for leads or appointments only.) On the face of it this may seem like the best scheme for you, as if they don’t get results for you, you don’t pay.


However this doesn’t always work. Sometimes agencies will ‘give up’ on a project if they find it hard going, in the knowledge that they don’t stand to get paid much. So your campaign could be abandoned. Secondly you cannot budget accurately. Thirdly with payment resting on the call outcome, you can get into arguments about whether appointments were genuine or ‘shady’. If you are to build a good relationship with your agency, you want to avoid this.


Tips on selecting a telemarketing partner

Paying a company for the time they spend on your calling can reap better rewards. You can agree a budget with them, and then review how you wish to continue afterwards.

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