Appointment set in the diary

Telemarketing. Appointment setting on the phone is arguably even more important in tough times than it is when cash is flowing. Certainly the UK economy is in better shape than it was a few years ago, but it is still a challenging environment for many. Low interest rates are some evidence of this.

Understanding that many of your customers are looking to keep costs down, and get best value.

Do your products or services help your customers save money or get better value?  If so, that becomes your sell. Focus them on how buying your service or product will help them. And of course, use examples and facts as much as possible. They will expect you to say your service is the best on the market so prove it.

Sales theory is that it is easier to uncover a fear of loss when selling an intangible than the desire for gain. I’m not sure what I think of this. I don’t have a strong view either way.  Chances are that your best approach is to base it on the personality of the person you’re selling to. Positive people in rapidly growing modern companies may respond better to positive approaches : gains, benefits, staying ahead of competition etc. Perhaps a negative (glass half empty) person will find your negative ‘guarding against downturns’ and insurances resonates better as they assume that these negative things are likely to happen anyway.

For this and other elements of effective selling, To Market runs courses for telesales and telemarketing teams as well for field based sales personnel who have to do their own appointment setting. Contact us via email for more details. You can find out more about our range of open courses here