Telemarketing is increasingly part of the marketing mix for growing companies. It offers many benefits compared with other types of marketing. The most obvious one perhaps is the fact that you are engaging in dialogue with your customers and prospects. The second best type of contact after face-to-face sales visits in fact. And they’re a lot more expensive because you can only do a few each day and you have to incur costs to get to see your client.

With advertising and much of social media, you put it out there and hope people respond. Admittedly you don’t get a response from every one you speak to on the phone. But for a 7 hour period on the phone, you might at least have 25 quality conversations with decision-makers in most business to business markets.

So telemarketing then allows you to have 1-2-1 contact with prospects at relatively low cost. Furthermore technology is often reducing the total cost of telemarketing, while postage costs for direct mail have risen substantially. As has the fuel to put in the car to attend sales appointments.

There is no restriction either on the value of what can be sold over the phone. It all depends on the market sector, customer expectations and complexity of the product or service.

Qualifying interest

Outbound telemarketing can be used effectively to work through a new list with a view to qualifying that company either in or out of your list. By grading the potential in this way, you can then follow-up with more expensive mailing pieces for instance. By setting an appointment for a field based colleague too, you have a further level of qualification. Presumably a prospect wouldn’t agree to an appointment and give up their time if they have no interest in what you’re offering.

Telemarketing with mail follow-up

We used this combination to great effect back in the 80s. Direct mail used alone will typically get a 3%  –  5% response rate. However, when you then follow this up with a telemarketing call, response rates will frequently be a lot higher. Building more awareness helps recognition and therefore response. We used to find that we’d include a line in the letter which said we’d be following it up by phone. That tends to make prospects keep it longer – knowing that they’ll be asked about it.  The icing on the cake too is that the direct mail may generate incoming calls and website activity.

One of the best uses of telemarketing is for a small business that has a customer base they are working with. This is how I’ve used telemarketing to build my own business.

How to get telemarketing to work with other media

Logic says that any campaign will work best if it looks integrated. So make sure you’ve got a story to tell, or something to offer.

Hi, Mrs. Laycock, this is Paul from XYZ Engineering. I hope you received the mailing we sent through a couple of days ago. The one with the Formula 1 picture on the cover.  I’m calling you to find out if you’d be interested in our current offer on ……………. featured in the mailing.”

Or try driving them to a landing page on your website, or whatever.

Events and exhibitions

Outbound telemarketing is also a great way of drumming up attendance at your forthcoming exhibition or event. You can get around a lot of people quickly and having a conversation about it allows them to ask any questions about sticking points that may have dissuaded them from attending. Car parking, will Sarah be there?, lunch, etc.

Keep in touch too

Companies are often criticised for only being interested when an order is in the offing. This is understandable for sales staff. But having a back-up team or external agency carrying out telemarketing is a great way of keeping in contact. After all your present customers are the easiest to sell to in the future. The statistics show this. So why wouldn’t you want to nurture this relationship? Also how are your current customers going to find out about your new products and services?

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