yellow telephone

The telephone is becoming more important in selling. In this crazy new world, sales people are being prevented from going and talking to customers in the way that they’d like. So, what’s the next best thing?

Let me introduce the telephone

The next best quality of call to have with customers is on the phone. Having a dialogue with them is an essential part of the sales process. You can gauge reactions, and get feedback in a more open and direct way. Admittedly, it’s still not quite as good as looking them in the eye, but it’s the next best thing. I would recommend having some of your sales dialogue online using Zoom, Teams or whatever.

The telephone has some considerable benefits though. First you can talk to many more customers and prospects in a day on the phone, than you can face-to-face. You could easily have 10 quality conversations in a day. To do this on the road would be tiring, and probably impossible.

How good are your sales team on the phone?

As the phone becomes a more significant tool, it’s worth considering how good your team is on the phone. Many salespeople aren’t keen, which is slightly ironic. They’d much rather jump in the car and drive 30 miles to have a coffee with the customer.

Many battles for new customers will be fought out on the phone, as sales teams scramble to convert as many new customers as they can.

So, how good are the members of your team on the phone? If this is an area you’d like to look into, drop us some details here and we’ll contact you. In the meantime some tips based on previous client experience

  1. Don’t oversell on the phone. Have a clear idea about how far you want to take the call. Too much blah-blah selling will see the customer disengage with the conversation. 
  2. Be thoroughly prepared. Check what they buy, when you last spoke to them, what was said on the last call etc. Remember, knowledge is power.
  3. Concentrate the effort. You will find you achieve far more if you get into the groove. So aim to do at least one hour’s calling in a block. A call here and there will be a bit like trying to run a half marathon over 2 weeks a few yards at a time. Once you’re on a roll you’ll find that you’re more fluent and will achieve more.

The best of luck with your selling in this new era. Let us know if you want to discuss some bite-sized online training for your team. Short, sharp online training sessions can be run easily on Zoom, so you don’t even have to have all of your team together.