Delivering a box by hand

The training world is certainly continuing to change. But other aspects of your business aren’t. You still have customers – hopefully. And you still want to serve them in the best way possible. It’s vital. More companies chasing less money means that you simply have to be better than the competition. You want to ensure that

  • You lose less customers
  • You get the best prices from them for your quality goods and services. You want to avoid a race to the bottom.
  • You get more orders from more people more often

The talk is about both surviving and then thriving.

Blended training 

More of To Market’s training at the moment is based around a blended model. We can develop a programme for you which is likely to be more tailored than before based around a number of component parts.

  • Briefing meetings held on Zoom
  • Short sharp 60 – 90 minute training modules held for your team online
  • Some classroom training is being booked again (where we can all ensure we meet the guidelines)

If you’re interested in the idea of training and are not quite sure how it would work best for you, let’s talk.

To Market specialises in telephone skills training for

  • Customer Service
  • Internal Sales
  • Telesales & Telemarketing

Training modules 

We cover all the key things you need to revisit in order to make sure your communication skills are well polished

  • Listening skills
  • Questioning skills
  • The power of vocal tone (how just 6 words tell the other person more than 40 things about you.)
  • Structure of the Sales call
  • How to deal with difficult and demanding customers

If you want to simply drop us some details here we’ll call you or send you an email.

Happy hunting.