Michele – Head trainer – Foodservice – Milton Keynes

“An enjoyable course. Fun as well as learning.”

Sajid – Sales Director – Metals manufacturer – Birmingham

“Very constructive. Gives you ways and methods to improve your role at work and out of work.”

Chris – Motor dealership group – Derby

“Informative, fun, well run. Listened to what we had to say & helped me to be more confident in my job.”

Sarah Calverley – Publishing – Cambridge

Andrew you were great. You kept my interest and I found the course very useful. I would recommend it to anyone.

Helen Knowles – Packaging – Leicester

After the initial embarrassment, I think the role play teaches you a lot.

Christina – Council – Northamptonshire

“Very interesting & helpful and well presented – a most enjoyable 2 days which I believe will help me with my work.”

Kerry – I.T. Solutions Sales – Leicester

“Fantastic, informative, made me feel at ease.”

Liz Clark – Book seller – Cambridge

“Motivating & also confirms many things you already do can be improved.”

Jennie – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I think your conduct and character was professional yet interesting. The course did not seem to drag on, or be dull. Breaking the day up with activities also helped.”

Josh – Telesales team leader – Healthcare solutions – Leicestershire

“I feel that the interactive sections of the course are the most beneficial and enjoyable. As much role play as possible is a good thing. I enjoyed the course overall and will take a lot away from it.”

Ryan – PPE Supplier – Leicester

“Brilliant and extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Leanda – Conference organiser – Coventry

Very informative, good pace, good interaction & role play.

Madeleine Kitchen – Industrial storage – Birmingham

Very enjoyable. When’s the next one ? Interesting and not boring at all. Role plays were fun & made it stick in your mind more than just listening.

Leigh G – Metals – Milton Keynes

Enjoyable, thought provoking and interesting.

Nael – Barcode scanner software – Nottingham

“Useful, detailed and professional.”

Vinny – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“Relaxed, wakes up some thoughts which over time you forget about.”