Scott – Sales Director – Educational supplies – Cambridgeshire

Enjoyable and a good introduction to communication and questioning

Sharon W. – Construction – Oakham

“Very good, a great deal learnt.”

Gerry – School books provider – Birmingham

“I enjoyed the course, lively and active.”

Janet – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Enjoyable course which will be helpful in work and socially.”

Jackie – Finance officer – Training organisation – Corby

“Very useful & beneficial to any workforce.”

Pippa – Telemarketing agency – Birmingham

“Informative, fun and very useful.”

Linda Hynd – Publishing group – Cambridge

“… I am quite happy to have a chat with your potential client, some of the staff still say that they enjoyed your training sessions most out of all the training that we have ever received. Kind regards, Linda”

Joy – Educational supplies – Birmingham

“It was delivered professionally with humour, holding my interest for the whole 2 days. Role play very good. Enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Leigh G – Metals – Milton Keynes

Enjoyable, thought provoking and interesting.

Louise – Industrial parts distributor – Leicester

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought you were clear and explained well.”

Georgia – Commercial Washrooms – Inside Sales – Northampton

Fun – VERY interactive Knowledgeable Completely worth it

Jaswinder – Portrait studios – Leicester

“excellent and informative.”

Karl – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“The topics were covered in an interesting & entertaining way. And I am looking forward to working with you again.”

Ellen – Council – Northamptonshire

“Informative, relevant, fun, enjoyable. This coming from the pre-conception before the course of : I’ve been doing my job for over 10 years so I didn’t really feel that I could gain very much.”

Nicole – I.T. Sales – Rugby

“Informative, involving and interesting !”

Dave – Health insurance – East Midlands

“I liked the way you kept it rolling. I really dislike courses where people want to chat too much. I felt you kept it in check nicely.”