Peter Archer – Publishing – Cambridge

I believe the course to be excellent and presented brilliantly by the tutor.

Stephen – Training organisation – Northamptonshire

“A thoroughly informative and worthwhile course that will benefit me in various areas of my job and also outside of work as well.”

Ricky Westran – Car dealership – Derby

Very well structured, entertaining and helpful

Julie – Food distribution – Coventry

“I like the fact that Andrew made it ‘personal’ as possible – maybe some more examples of role play might help – I quite enjoyed this in the end!!”

Allison – Product packaging – Corby

“A good way to make you more aware of how you communicate and how it can be perceived by others.”

Claire – Healthcare services – Milton Keynes

“… could have included more specific objections etc – techniques that would help us specifically in our roles. The delivery of the course itself and use of phones was excellent, very professionally done. Thanks.”

Dale – Scanner software sales – Newark

“Enjoyable, not mundane & you were very clear & easy to understand.”

Marnie – Home improvements – Coventry

“Thought it was well structured & the various styles used kept it interesting & informative.”

Amparo – Publishing group – Cambridge

“I thought you did very well & incorporated loads of examples on the course, which made it really light and easy going. Thanks.”

Aaron – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Very professional and personalised which is important as you felt it was bespoke for you and your company.”

Karen – Integrated Telephony Systems – Leicester

“Interesting, fun, specific to our needs.”

Sara – Print software – Northampton

“I think it was very good and well structured. You delivered everything very well with a clear, concise approach.”

Alastair – Marketing consultancy – Leicester

Andrew is a first class trainer who delivers an impressive range of material with a high degree of commitment and skill. from LinkedIn

Adam – Packaging – Corby

“I’d recommend it and say it was well carried out & interesting.”

June – Food distribution – Milton Keynes

“It was great fun. We can also learn something new. Thank you Andrew.”

Geoff Emmett – Construction – Birmingham

Andrew is an expert in his field, absolutely first class. I used his CD’s and benefitted from his advice and expertise when setting up our own in house Telemarketing team. Andrew is generous with his time and really did prove to be a valuable help and someone I came to rely on when developing my…