Hamida – Electrical components – Manchester

“Very, very good.”

Michaela – Industrial Storage – Birmingham

“everything taught seemed to be relevant, the role plays were enjoyable and helped because we got involved. Very enjoyable course.”

Helen Knowles – Packaging – Leicester

After the initial embarrassment, I think the role play teaches you a lot.

Kelly – Signs company – Northampton

“It was a lot of fun & should be kept to the same structure in future. Need more time for general discussion on personal situations and what affects the individuals with feedback & suggestions.”

Vicki – Health insurer – Leicestershire

“It was very thorough & extremely helpful & very clearly delivered. Thank you.”

Stephen – Pallet distribution – Leicester

“Very informative, good explanation, skills and techniques and very enjoyable.”

Tim Ross – Automotive – Cambridge

Firstly thanks for yesterday. I have got some really good feedback from the team and they all found it enjoyable and useful. Amazingly so far (it’s still only 2.30) the Telesales team have got 18 demos between three of them. Normally they get 3-5 each a day and there’s plenty of time left still. Thanks…

Alan Munroe – Optical Services – Sheffield

Informative and good for people who use the phone and are not comfortable using it.

Jeanette – Foodservice – South Midlands

“This was probably the first time it has not bothered me doing role play. I felt completely at ease.”

Sheren – Packaging – Northampton

“Great for people starting out and serves as a great refresher because it irons out any bad habits you pick up along the way.”

Andrew – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“I found the course very knowledgeable and interesting. I learnt a lot as you involved us, listened well to us and were not boring.”

Beverley – Packaging manufacturer – Northampton

“Informative. Encourages you to get involved when you don’t want to – in a good way! Doesn’t tell you you are wrong, all very positive. Don’t feel a fool.”

Joy – Packaging – Corby

“Very intense, but very very useful in whatever job role you do.”

Marion Martin – Direct Marketing agency – St.Ives

I found the course very informative and helpful and your sense of humour helped break down certain barriers that may have happened especially with role play situations.

Nicole – I.T. Sales – Rugby

“Informative, involving and interesting !”

Mark – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“Very practical based view of how to interact well and badly over the telephone.”