Dan Woodcock – Medical care – Nottinghamshire

Well structured and you have a memory like an elephant !!!

Helen Knowles – Packaging – Leicester

After the initial embarrassment, I think the role play teaches you a lot.

Katrina – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“Enjoyed it. You’re easy to talk to, make it interesting, but at the same time can have a laugh & make it enjoyable.”

Marion Martin – Direct Marketing agency – St.Ives

I found the course very informative and helpful and your sense of humour helped break down certain barriers that may have happened especially with role play situations.

Elaine Shaw – Healthcare Packaging – Leicestershire

I think the pace was about right, and the level it was delivered was helpful, didn’t make anyone feel small, and involved everyone at the same time.

Jarmila S. – Membership services – Coventry

Found it very useful & believe that I’ll be better in my job from now on.

Ricky Westran – Car dealership – Derby

Very well structured, entertaining and helpful

Pete – Construction products – Oakham

“Fluid, informative, educational, salady.”

Josh – Telesales team leader – Healthcare solutions – Leicestershire

“I feel that the interactive sections of the course are the most beneficial and enjoyable. As much role play as possible is a good thing. I enjoyed the course overall and will take a lot away from it.”

Jo – Council – Northampton

“Enjoyable. You came across as relaxed and knowing your stuff.”

Claire Benson – Publishing – Cambridge

Delivery was excellent ! I felt that I paid attention throughout the whole course, as often my mind is prone to wandering. Role play was much more enjoyable than I expected – you should maybe do more !!

Paul – Foodservice – South Midlands

“I found this one of the more well paced, well balanced courses I have been on in my time here.”

Kellie – Electrical components – Northampton

“I thought the course was very enjoyable, well organised and presented. I have learnt a great deal & feel this will help me in the future with my confidence. Thank you!”

Rita S. – Customer Service Manager – Membership services – Coventry

Informative, makes you think about things from a customers point of view. Very enjoyable

Liz Clark – Book seller – Cambridge

“Motivating & also confirms many things you already do can be improved.”

Sue – Electrical products – Corby

Teaches you a lot about your every day role and how you make an impression over the phone.