Sue Robinson – Training Services – Banbury

I enjoyed the course Andrew, and your delivery was excellent. You made it fun yet informative. Thank you – I hope I do your training justice !

Sarah – Book publisher – Birmingham

“I liked the anecdotes in between – helped as ice-breakers and to keep a light hearted tone. Thanks very much.”

Katherine – District Council – East Midlands

“Very informative, excellent presentation on key areas and delivered in a very informative way. Also delivered with a sense of humour which made it fun and interesting.”

Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”

Clive – Publishing group – Cambridgeshire

“Very good, an excellent 2 days, with plenty of light hearted though very useful information.”

Jackie – Healthcare services – Nottingham

“I enjoyed the course & found the balance between discussion and role play excellent. I don’t normally enjoy role play, but I did this time. The wine helped!”

Scott – Sales Director – Educational supplies – Cambridgeshire

Enjoyable and a good introduction to communication and questioning

Joanne – Food distribution – Milton Keynes

“Andrew was very friendly and did not make me feel worried about the course or the roleplay. Keep up the good work.”

Ed – Health solutions provider – Leicester

“well paced, good fun, interesting and most of all valuable for my future career.”

Victoria – Tour operator – Leicester

“As you made it interesting and used role plays to split the units up, I wanted to listen to what you were saying. It flew by and I really enjoyed the 2 days.”

Tabatha – Health insurance – Bromsgrove

“I thought the course was very well delivered and unlike some courses where you get bored, I didn’t and it passed very quickly.”

Danielle M – Marketing agency – Lichfield

Informative, up-to-date, fun, met my objectives.

Nitin – Machine tools – Birmingham


Mark – Healthcare – Northampton

“It was a well structured, well delivered course. I enjoyed it far more than than I expected to and got more from it than I expected.”

Joanne – Materials handling – Birmingham

“Keep up the accents as it keeps it quite light-hearted and brings the fun element into what could be a long day. I also liked the role playing and getting involved.”

Susan – Customer Service team leader – Golf equipment – Cambridge

“Highly interactive, fast-moving, customer service training delivered with humour and genuine interest in the participants.”