Joanne – Materials handling – Birmingham

“Keep up the accents as it keeps it quite light-hearted and brings the fun element into what could be a long day. I also liked the role playing and getting involved.”

Michelle Ward – Health insurance

I found the course enjoyable & it highlighted things I hadn’t considered before.

Chris – Training course sales – Leicester

“Fun, interesting, informative, effective, intriguing, contextualised, well worth it.”

Jo – PPE equipment – Leicestershire

“Interesting and energetic.”

Dale – Software scanner sales – Lincolnshire

“Now I understand it’s about the customers needs and objectives & not me trying to sell something.”

Elaine Shaw – Healthcare Packaging – Leicestershire

I think the pace was about right, and the level it was delivered was helpful, didn’t make anyone feel small, and involved everyone at the same time.

Elspeth – District Council – East Midlands

“Very informative, relaxed and most of all easy to follow – not all jargon.”

Nicola – Conference organiser – Coventry

Interesting, useful & informative.

Stephanie – Chemical suppliers – Northampton

“It was nice that you kept us involved all through the course and didn’t just talk at us. Giving examples of personal experiences you’ve had was good too, also keeping a touch of humour.”

Christine – Educational supplies – Cambridge

Informative and fun. Time flew by. Very interesting.

Julie – Food distribution – Coventry

“I like the fact that Andrew made it ‘personal’ as possible – maybe some more examples of role play might help – I quite enjoyed this in the end!!”

Katy – Motor dealership – Derbyshire

“I thought everything that was included on the course was very useful and helped me in every topic.”

Sheren – Packaging – Northampton

“Great for people starting out and serves as a great refresher because it irons out any bad habits you pick up along the way.”

Trishna – team leader – Powertools distributor – Leicester

Well led, structured and made individuals feel involved.

Lisa – Educational supplies – Cambridge

Very useful, thought provoking and interesting on a personal as well as business level. New sales people will especially enjoy it.

Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”