Emma-Lima – School publishing – Cambridge

“It was a good all round course, helpful and enjoyable.”

Annette – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“Although I did not enjoy listening to myself I found this extremely useful & would like to do it again. Great day thanks.” from a follow-up programme working with recorded ‘live’ calls.

Ajay – Industrial products – Leicester

“Easy to contribute and well laid out.”

Andrew – Health insurance – Leicester

“The course was extremely well run, I believe the mix of exercises and group discussons worked well to prevent boredom which sometimes affects this type of course.”

Lora – Membership services – Coventry

Really enjoyed it, better than I thought, one of the best courses I have attended.

Donna – Windows & Doors Hardware – Corby

“I think you’ve succeeded in making it fun, giving people a chance to get involved and trying to be on the same wavelength as us – well done and thank you”

Jarmila S. – Membership services – Coventry

Found it very useful & believe that I’ll be better in my job from now on.

Duncan C. – Construction – Leicestershire

Andrew delivers good down to earth training which added real value to my business. His interpersonal skills ensure that everyone who attends his courses come away with something positive. from LinkedIn

Gill – Periodicals publishing – Cambridgeshire

“It was all excellent, the content and how you encouraged us to participate and make us feel a group and not trainer and trainees.”

Michelle – running government backed healthcare consultancy – Leicester

Andrew has helped CBH on two occasions putting together and delivering an excellent telemarketing campaign, I would have no hesitation in contracting with To Market in the future.” taken from LinkedIn.

Nael – Barcode scanner software – Nottingham

“Useful, detailed and professional.”

Nicola – East Midlands District Council – Leicestershire

“Very informative and never boring.”

Peter – Industrial software sales – Birmingham

“The course was run in a professional & very structured manner, with an excellent mix of facts & real life situations. Mr. S has an excellent style – an opinion seemingly share by everyone in the group I attended.”

Hannah – District Council – East Midlands

“I felt I learnt a lot and it was good to have training like this.”

Marnie – Home improvements – Coventry

“Thought it was well structured & the various styles used kept it interesting & informative.”

Dawn – Schoolwear manufacturer – Nottingham

“Relevant. Genuinely helpful. Enjoyable. Confirmation of skills I didn’t realise I was using.”