Emma-Lima – School publishing – Cambridge

“It was a good all round course, helpful and enjoyable.”

Sarah – Publishing group – Cambridge

“The course was very enjoyable! It was delivered in a way that kept me interested throughout and I had a real laugh – which doesn’t always happen on training courses.”

Beverley – Motor group – Derbyshire

“I now have a better understanding of how to approach the selling and upselling area of the job.”

Sandeep – Metal products – Leicester

“I am very glad I attended the course. I have learnt a lot especially as I have not experienced many telephone conversations like the others. Now in the future it will be much easier for me. Thank you for teaching me lots of new things.”

Trusha – Training course sales – Leicester

“Very interesting and useful training programme which will definitely help me approach my sales calls in a more effective way. I’ve also learnt, that there is a more to communicating via telephone than I initially thought.”

Aaron – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Very professional and personalised which is important as you felt it was bespoke for you and your company.”

David – Sales manager – Fork truck distributor – Birmingham

Enjoyable, fun and beneficial.

Chris – Industrial storage – Northampton

“Very rewarding and interesting.”

Charlotte – Marketing agency – Birmingham

Very interesting and informative. Certainly provided a groundwork from which to further develop telesales skills.

Alastair Campbell – I.T. development – Leicester

Hi Andrew. Just to let you know that the team made 13 appointments today. Previously the most they achieved this week was 10 – and of course the 13 was made in half a day. Thanks! Alastair

Sara – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Full of relevant, interesting and fun training – would definitely recommend.

Caroline – Tour operator – Leicestershire

” ….. the course was interesting & enforced / reconfirmed information we already know but often forget, or neglect to put into practice.”

Julie – Machine Tools – Birmingham

“Fun to learn, very relaxed atmosphere, no pressure.”

Joy – Packaging – Corby

“Very intense, but very very useful in whatever job role you do.”

Vikki – Greetings card publishing – Milton Keynes

“I actually enjoyed it – particularly the role plays which I have in the past hated. They were fun and not at all intimidating.”

Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”