Mark – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“Very practical based view of how to interact well and badly over the telephone.”

Michael – I.T. consumables – Manchester

“Tough – can’t sit back. Engaging. Stimulating – makes you think.”

Victoria – Tour operator – Leicester

“As you made it interesting and used role plays to split the units up, I wanted to listen to what you were saying. It flew by and I really enjoyed the 2 days.”

Steve – Food processing – Oxford

A1 very good, thank you.

Beverley – Packaging manufacturer – Northampton

“Informative. Encourages you to get involved when you don’t want to – in a good way! Doesn’t tell you you are wrong, all very positive. Don’t feel a fool.”

Chris – Industrial storage – Northampton

“Very rewarding and interesting.”

Tracy – Training organisation – Corby

“Informative, entertaining, enjoyable.”

Stephen – Pallet distribution – Leicester

“Very informative, good explanation, skills and techniques and very enjoyable.”

Rob – Motor dealership – Derbyshire

“Was delivered very well, not so much in one go and constant interaction helped the day go by successfully.”

Karen – Integrated Telephony Systems – Leicester

“Interesting, fun, specific to our needs.”

Steve – Food packaging – Corby

“No further comments – you asked all the right questions! Delivery was very good, relaxed but assertive.”

Michelle Ward – Health insurance

I found the course enjoyable & it highlighted things I hadn’t considered before.

Caroline – Tour operator – Leicestershire

” ….. the course was interesting & enforced / reconfirmed information we already know but often forget, or neglect to put into practice.”

Sean – Pallet distribution – Scotland

“I was not looking forward to the course, but found it fun, interesting and it will benefit me in my day to day job.”

Janet – Interior fit-out sales – Northamptonshire

“Very helpful, I really enjoyed it.”

Declan – Pallet distribution & warehousing – Birmingham

“Informative and made me challenge how and why I do things a certain way. Look to change and improve.”