Peter Archer – Publishing – Cambridge

I believe the course to be excellent and presented brilliantly by the tutor.

Thea Ford – Telemarketing – Cambs

I think the thing I found best about the course was the way it was delivered. I found that I could relate to all the subjects & was extremely interested in what you had to say over the full 2 days – this is by the way quite astonishing as I have a very low…

Carol Malcolm – Periodicals publishing – Cambridgeshire

Thank you for a good course. Quite a bit of information to reflect on to become a better customer service advisor.

Geoff Emmett – Construction – Birmingham

Andrew is an expert in his field, absolutely first class. I used his CD’s and benefitted from his advice and expertise when setting up our own in house Telemarketing team. Andrew is generous with his time and really did prove to be a valuable help and someone I came to rely on when developing my…

Jo – PPE equipment – Leicestershire

“Interesting and energetic.”

Aaron – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Very professional and personalised which is important as you felt it was bespoke for you and your company.”

Michelle – running government backed healthcare consultancy – Leicester

Andrew has helped CBH on two occasions putting together and delivering an excellent telemarketing campaign, I would have no hesitation in contracting with To Market in the future.” taken from LinkedIn.

Laura – Membership services – Coventry

Interactive and easy to relate to your real job. Many courses I’ve been on before have been interesting but I could not relate them to my role – but this was useful.

Patricia Couch – Food distribution – Northampton

All staff dealing with customers should be given the opportunity to attend.

Beth Jones – Board and packaging – Corby

“Just thank you! I found it very interesting & very well delivered with the combination of interaction, recording & listening & all the content. Thorougly enjoyed it – thank you !”

Mark – ERP software sales – Birmingham

“Informative and not too heavy. Well run and clear message.”

Stephanie – Customer Service Manager – Chemical supplies – Northampton

” …. and when doing role plays you gave helpful hints as to how we can improve. Would happily recommend you to another customer.”

Ryan – PPE Supplier – Leicester

“Brilliant and extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Amanda Paul – Engineering consumables – East Midlands

The course content was fine and adapted well to fit my everyday working life so that I could use everything.

Luke – Construction products – Coventry

Very insightful and you will be shocked what you can learn about human communication

Angela – Scanning technology – Nottingham

“Helpful & wider understanding of how I come across on the telephone, what my weaker points were & how I can improve them.”