Carol – Publishing – Cambridge

“Very helpful – enlightening and not too intense.”

Sarah – Publishing group – Cambridge

“The course was very enjoyable! It was delivered in a way that kept me interested throughout and I had a real laugh – which doesn’t always happen on training courses.”

Glen – Managing Director – Marketing agency – Birmingham


Julie – Food distribution – Coventry

“I like the fact that Andrew made it ‘personal’ as possible – maybe some more examples of role play might help – I quite enjoyed this in the end!!”

Rita S. – Customer Service Manager – Membership services – Coventry

Informative, makes you think about things from a customers point of view. Very enjoyable

Charlotte E. – specialist marketing agency – Lichfield

I was lucky enough to be included in one of Andrew’s telemarketing training courses during my time as Account Director at MMS and found myself far more confident when making sales calls as a result. Andrew provided a host of useful tips and techniques which I have used regularly since and to great effect, not…

Sue Atkins – Car dealership – Leicester

Learning new phone techniques has never been such fun

Robin H – Construction Supplies – Leicester

If you want your team/s to deeply understand and deliver excellent customer service then Andrew is your man. Our brief to him was to work with our Sales and Accounts teams to challenge their own thinking on the subject and to help construct a way forward. The work Andrew designed with us challenged the teams…

Louise – Industrial parts distributor – Leicester

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought you were clear and explained well.”

Amy – East Midlands district council

“Very well thought out & fun. Everybody gets involved and you can gain lots of knowledge or remember the knowledge you forgot.”

Donna – Windows & Doors Hardware – Corby

“I think you’ve succeeded in making it fun, giving people a chance to get involved and trying to be on the same wavelength as us – well done and thank you”

Alison – Barcode scanners – Nottingham

“Very eye opening, informative and fun.”

Sarah – Membership organisation – Coventry

Really well communicated and would definitely recommend you!

Sophie – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Don’t change anything! Personal experiences always help to deliver a message and or give examples.”

Vicki – Health insurer – Leicestershire

“It was very thorough & extremely helpful & very clearly delivered. Thank you.”

Gary – Customer Service Manager – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Enjoyable, entertaining, challenging, thought provoking, informative.