Carolynn – Educational Supplies – Birmingham

“I thought it was great. Very informative and thank you for giving me something interesting to think about. I am sure it will help me develop my leadership skills in the future.”

Clive – Publishing group – Cambridgeshire

“Very good, an excellent 2 days, with plenty of light hearted though very useful information.”

Carol Malcolm – Periodicals publishing – Cambridgeshire

Thank you for a good course. Quite a bit of information to reflect on to become a better customer service advisor.

Sian – Food packaging – Corby

“Good, enjoyable, relaxing course which delivers it’s pre-arranged goals.”

Chris – Industrial Machine Tools – East Midlands

“I thought there was too much listening and not enough exercises to do.”

Charlotte E. – specialist marketing agency – Lichfield

I was lucky enough to be included in one of Andrew’s telemarketing training courses during my time as Account Director at MMS and found myself far more confident when making sales calls as a result. Andrew provided a host of useful tips and techniques which I have used regularly since and to great effect, not…

Sarah Calverley – Publishing – Cambridge

Andrew you were great. You kept my interest and I found the course very useful. I would recommend it to anyone.

Carol – Publishing – Cambridge

“Very helpful – enlightening and not too intense.”

Victoria – Tour operator – Leicester

“As you made it interesting and used role plays to split the units up, I wanted to listen to what you were saying. It flew by and I really enjoyed the 2 days.”

Amy – East Midlands district council

“Very well thought out & fun. Everybody gets involved and you can gain lots of knowledge or remember the knowledge you forgot.”

Paul – Motor leasing group – Northampton

“I think you made a first class job of presentation and don’t think you need to change anything.”

Madeleine Kitchen – Industrial storage – Birmingham

Very enjoyable. When’s the next one ? Interesting and not boring at all. Role plays were fun & made it stick in your mind more than just listening.

Julie – Food distribution – Coventry

“I like the fact that Andrew made it ‘personal’ as possible – maybe some more examples of role play might help – I quite enjoyed this in the end!!”

Dom Milton – Marketing agency – Lichfield

Fun, and a lot to take in over 2 days. There is lots to be learnt. Very enjoyable.

Nael – Barcode scanner software – Nottingham

“Useful, detailed and professional.”

Leigh G – Metals – Milton Keynes

Enjoyable, thought provoking and interesting.