Jackie – Finance officer – Training organisation – Corby

“Very useful & beneficial to any workforce.”

Rebecca – Laboratory supplies – Northampton

“I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt a lot over the last 2 days, due to the entertaining way it was presented by you.”

James – PPE Distributor – Leicester

“An in depth and interesting look at the way we communicate with others, the positives and the negatives, and what improvements we can make to ourselves to help us in work and everyday life.”

Clare – Healthcare packaging – Milton Keynes

“Both days were quite long and I struggled to remain focussed by the end of the day. Although I hate role playing it was very useful and well done.”

Amanda Day – Foodservice – Milton Keynes

I enjoyed the course. The trainer was very energetic in keeping the audience attentive (which always helps !)

Ashley – District Council – East Midlands

“a fun and enjoyable course cand it’s well worth it.”

Kerrie – Direct Marketing agency – St. Ives

“You were friendly and able to get your message across very well. Your jokes are another story!”

Michael – I.T. consumables – Manchester

“Tough – can’t sit back. Engaging. Stimulating – makes you think.”

Jarmila S. – Membership services – Coventry

Found it very useful & believe that I’ll be better in my job from now on.

Steve – Warehousing & distribution – Leicester

“Course was well structured, very good content & delivered very well.”

Carol Kane – Food supplier – Corby

I found your delivery interesting, simple and easy to follow. My mind rarely wandered, you obviously practice what you preach. Good luck and thanks

Leanda – Conference organiser – Coventry

Very informative, good pace, good interaction & role play.

Dan Underwood – I.T. Industry – Leicester

Very informative, yet humorous. Good job son …

Anne Lake – Property services – Coventry

If you want to go on a course that involves role playing and you don’t think you will enjoy it – give this course a go & eat your words !!

Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”

Kellie – Electrical components – Northampton

“I thought the course was very enjoyable, well organised and presented. I have learnt a great deal & feel this will help me in the future with my confidence. Thank you!”