Graham – Construction products – Leicestershire

“Fun, relaxed, comfortable.”

Beth Jones – Board and packaging – Corby

“Just thank you! I found it very interesting & very well delivered with the combination of interaction, recording & listening & all the content. Thorougly enjoyed it – thank you !”

Michael – Motor dealer group – Nottingham

“I think the course was structured and delivered superbly and I really enjoyed the day.” from the advanced one day course

Sara – Print software – Northampton

“I think it was very good and well structured. You delivered everything very well with a clear, concise approach.”

Kellie – Electrical components – Northampton

“I thought the course was very enjoyable, well organised and presented. I have learnt a great deal & feel this will help me in the future with my confidence. Thank you!”

Sean – Warehousing and distribution – Scotland

“Interesting, fun to attend and very worthwhile.”

Charlotte – Marketing agency – Birmingham

Very interesting and informative. Certainly provided a groundwork from which to further develop telesales skills.

Becky Amos – Construction consultancy – Coventry

A fantastic course to heighten your awareness of how to deliver positive customer service and communication!

Andrew – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“I found the course very knowledgeable and interesting. I learnt a lot as you involved us, listened well to us and were not boring.”

Kaye – Industrial machine tools – Leicestershire

“Very good! Covered all aspects of communication in great detail.”

Marion Martin – Direct Marketing agency – St.Ives

I found the course very informative and helpful and your sense of humour helped break down certain barriers that may have happened especially with role play situations.

Emma-Lima – School publishing – Cambridge

“It was a good all round course, helpful and enjoyable.”

June – Food distribution – Milton Keynes

“It was great fun. We can also learn something new. Thank you Andrew.”

Gareth Hunt – Industrial – Birmingham

I thought the course was very well constructed and the standard of presentation was excellent.

Tim – Safety Equipment – Wellingborough

“very good clear presentation. A brush up of skills and how to apply them should be of benefit to any sales person whatever their experience.”

Claire – Healthcare services – Milton Keynes

“… could have included more specific objections etc – techniques that would help us specifically in our roles. The delivery of the course itself and use of phones was excellent, very professionally done. Thanks.”