Karen – Barcode scanners – Nottinghamshire

“Very deep & detailed, but also had some fun factors.”

Joy – Property services – Coventry

Very interesting and the participation was not daunting or gave a feeling of being stupid.

David – Sales manager – Fork truck distributor – Birmingham

Enjoyable, fun and beneficial.

Claire – Health insurance provider – Leicestershire

“I think the course was excellent. I was actually dreading it but found it fun, helpful, useful and very informative. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING !!!”

Sarah – Book publisher – Birmingham

“I liked the anecdotes in between – helped as ice-breakers and to keep a light hearted tone. Thanks very much.”

Sue Atkins – Car dealership – Leicester

Learning new phone techniques has never been such fun

Louise – Industrial parts distributor – Leicester

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought you were clear and explained well.”

Laura – I.T. software sales – Coventry

“This course motivates you, and you go away with a head full of tips and ideas to try out !!”

Amy – Conference organiser receptionist – Coventry

Really informative and fun.

Rebecca – Laboratory supplies – Northampton

“I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt a lot over the last 2 days, due to the entertaining way it was presented by you.”

Joanne – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Very clear and well structured – as you would expect!

Ann – Glass processors – Northampton

“Interesting, fun.”

Charlotte – Marketing agency – Birmingham

Very interesting and informative. Certainly provided a groundwork from which to further develop telesales skills.

Hannah – District Council – East Midlands

“I felt I learnt a lot and it was good to have training like this.”

Lisa Murray – Membership services – Coventry

Fun, interesting, fantastic course that taught us a lot and will help in our role.

Dean McGowan – Vehicle leasing – Northampton

I think the course is a very good source of information for new salesmen, and that it will help them to be successful if they listen and take it on.