Ravi Mistry – I.T. Developer – Leicester

I think it was an excellent course and delivered brilliantly.

Rita S. – Customer Service Manager – Membership services – Coventry

Informative, makes you think about things from a customers point of view. Very enjoyable

Claire Benson – Publishing – Cambridge

Delivery was excellent ! I felt that I paid attention throughout the whole course, as often my mind is prone to wandering. Role play was much more enjoyable than I expected – you should maybe do more !!

Dale – Software scanner sales – Lincolnshire

“Now I understand it’s about the customers needs and objectives & not me trying to sell something.”

Anna – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Delivery was very effective and made the course much more enjoyable. The role plays also made it more involving and easier to understand.”

Paul – Motor leasing group – Northampton

“I think you made a first class job of presentation and don’t think you need to change anything.”

Sheren – Packaging – Northampton

“Great for people starting out and serves as a great refresher because it irons out any bad habits you pick up along the way.”

Thea Ford – Telemarketing – Cambs

I think the thing I found best about the course was the way it was delivered. I found that I could relate to all the subjects & was extremely interested in what you had to say over the full 2 days – this is by the way quite astonishing as I have a very low…

Mark – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I enjoyed it and I think it will help me be motivated.”

Allison – Product packaging – Corby

“A good way to make you more aware of how you communicate and how it can be perceived by others.”

Sue – Golf equipment manufacturer – Cambridge

“Highly interactive, fast-moving customer service training delivered with humour and genuine interest in the participants.”

Stephen – Pallet distribution – Leicester

“Very informative, good explanation, skills and techniques and very enjoyable.”

Amanda Paul – Engineering consumables – East Midlands

The course content was fine and adapted well to fit my everyday working life so that I could use everything.

Michele – Head trainer – Foodservice – Milton Keynes

“An enjoyable course. Fun as well as learning.”

Robin H – Construction Supplies – Leicester

If you want your team/s to deeply understand and deliver excellent customer service then Andrew is your man. Our brief to him was to work with our Sales and Accounts teams to challenge their own thinking on the subject and to help construct a way forward. The work Andrew designed with us challenged the teams…

Sarah – Health insurance – Leicester

“I was able to participate without being pressurised. I think you identified our characters well and therefore everyone was involved at a level they felt comfortable with.”