Karen – Barcode scanners – Nottinghamshire

“Very deep & detailed, but also had some fun factors.”

Charlayne Makan – Healthcare Packaging – Leicestershire

It was a well constructed course. Very well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed – thank you.

Nitin – Machine tools – Birmingham


Keely – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“The course was very good, it was made fun and I didn’t feel as if it was like a classroom situation, which helped me learn.”

Allison – School books – Cambridge

“Good fun, informal, informative, pro-active and interactive. Great for fairly inexperienced sales staff, and regenerative for the longer serving staff.”

Jody – Inside sales team manager – Wellingborough

“Fab course, fun & friendly, put everyone at ease. Awesome job!! Loved impressions :-)”

David – Sportswear manufacturer – Cambridgeshire

“Constructive (even with years of experience under our belts).”

Pippa – Telemarketing agency – Birmingham

“Informative, fun and very useful.”

Chris – Industrial storage – Northampton

“Very rewarding and interesting.”

Jackie – Healthcare services – Nottingham

“I enjoyed the course & found the balance between discussion and role play excellent. I don’t normally enjoy role play, but I did this time. The wine helped!”

Kerrie – Direct Marketing agency – St. Ives

“You were friendly and able to get your message across very well. Your jokes are another story!”

Annette – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“Although I did not enjoy listening to myself I found this extremely useful & would like to do it again. Great day thanks.” from a follow-up programme working with recorded ‘live’ calls.

Joy – Property services – Coventry

Very interesting and the participation was not daunting or gave a feeling of being stupid.

Kerry – I.T. Solutions Sales – Leicester

“Fantastic, informative, made me feel at ease.”

Becky Amos – Construction consultancy – Coventry

A fantastic course to heighten your awareness of how to deliver positive customer service and communication!

Paul – Foodservice – South Midlands

“I found this one of the more well paced, well balanced courses I have been on in my time here.”