Amanda Paul – Engineering consumables – East Midlands

The course content was fine and adapted well to fit my everyday working life so that I could use everything.

Ian – IT Development supplier – Leicester

“I did genuinely enjoy the course & feel it was of benefit. There are elements I will certainly take back into the work environment which I think will improve my performance. Thanks !”

Jo Johnson – Conference organiser – Coventry

Fun. Keeps your attention for the whole course. Very structured but very useful.

Angela – Renewable energy products – Corby

“Excellent, very good audience participation and interaction.”

Janet – Interior fit-out sales – Northamptonshire

“Very helpful, I really enjoyed it.”

Martin – Travel tour operator – Leicester

“Well delivered and presented.””

Robin H – Construction Supplies – Leicester

If you want your team/s to deeply understand and deliver excellent customer service then Andrew is your man. Our brief to him was to work with our Sales and Accounts teams to challenge their own thinking on the subject and to help construct a way forward. The work Andrew designed with us challenged the teams…

Gill – Periodicals publishing – Cambridgeshire

“It was all excellent, the content and how you encouraged us to participate and make us feel a group and not trainer and trainees.”

Sean – Warehousing and distribution – Scotland

“Interesting, fun to attend and very worthwhile.”

Beverley – Packaging manufacturer – Northampton

“Informative. Encourages you to get involved when you don’t want to – in a good way! Doesn’t tell you you are wrong, all very positive. Don’t feel a fool.”

Kimberly – Food processing – Oxford

Enjoyable, understanding the importance of the salesperson as well as the customer. Shame the course has ended so soon. Thanks a million and more for everything. -x- I could quite easily go through the entire course again, loved it, loved Andrew.

Elizabeth – Materials handling – Birmingham

“You made me feel relaxed, eager to learn, which I have. Made the course easy to understand and funny at times.”

Charlotte – Marketing agency – Birmingham

Very interesting and informative. Certainly provided a groundwork from which to further develop telesales skills.

Sue – Electrical products – Corby

Teaches you a lot about your every day role and how you make an impression over the phone.

Gemma – Book publishing – Cambs

“Fun but helpful two days :-)”

Marc – Commercial printers – Birmingham

“the course was a lot better than I expected. I thought you did very well.”