Stephanie – Customer Service Manager – Chemical supplies – Northampton

” …. and when doing role plays you gave helpful hints as to how we can improve. Would happily recommend you to another customer.”

Jo – Council – Northampton

“Enjoyable. You came across as relaxed and knowing your stuff.”

David P. – Fire Protection Systems – Oxford

Andrew has the ability to deliver bespoke solutions to training issues, truly influencing those involved. from LinkedIn

Rebecca – Laboratory supplies – Northampton

“I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt a lot over the last 2 days, due to the entertaining way it was presented by you.”

Ryan – PPE Supplier – Leicester

“Brilliant and extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Josh – Telesales team leader – Healthcare solutions – Leicestershire

“I feel that the interactive sections of the course are the most beneficial and enjoyable. As much role play as possible is a good thing. I enjoyed the course overall and will take a lot away from it.”

Angie – District Council – East Midlands

“Fun, informative and interesting.”

Sue Atkins – Car dealership – Leicester

Learning new phone techniques has never been such fun

Roxanne – I.T. software vendor – Coventry

“Interactive, helpful, fun.”

Kathy – Home improvement supplier – Coventry

“Delivery was very good. Role plays are usually an area where it is so false that it is hard to be natural. Andrew you are very good at your job.”

Marion Martin – Direct Marketing agency – St.Ives

I found the course very informative and helpful and your sense of humour helped break down certain barriers that may have happened especially with role play situations.

Claire Benson – Publishing – Cambridge

Delivery was excellent ! I felt that I paid attention throughout the whole course, as often my mind is prone to wandering. Role play was much more enjoyable than I expected – you should maybe do more !!

Kimberly – Food processing – Oxford

Enjoyable, understanding the importance of the salesperson as well as the customer. Shame the course has ended so soon. Thanks a million and more for everything. -x- I could quite easily go through the entire course again, loved it, loved Andrew.

Gemma S – Sales Manager – Safe installers – Birmingham

Very interesting, a relaxed environment, a lot of valuable topics covered where you learn a lot.

Joy – Packaging – Corby

“Very intense, but very very useful in whatever job role you do.”

Patricia Couch – Food distribution – Northampton

All staff dealing with customers should be given the opportunity to attend.