Tracey – Construction Sales – Wellingborough

“Fun, relaxed, and very well organised and made everything easier to understand.”

Adam – Packaging – Corby

“I’d recommend it and say it was well carried out & interesting.”

Jason Quantrill – Industrial products – Northampton

The whole course was delivered in a professional manner, yet maintained the interest throughout the 2 days. I don’t think I’ve said it about any course before but – ‰Û÷very enjoyable.’

Sarah Hill – Food distribution – Corby

You made it fun and very enjoyable. Although I was very nervous about doing the role plays, the way you did it made it fun and I felt involved.

Ashley – District Council – East Midlands

“a fun and enjoyable course cand it’s well worth it.”

Nicola – Electrical components – Corby

“A very well presented course. Role play and involvement made it easier to understand”

Jennie – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I think your conduct and character was professional yet interesting. The course did not seem to drag on, or be dull. Breaking the day up with activities also helped.”

Clive – Publishing group – Cambridgeshire

“Very good, an excellent 2 days, with plenty of light hearted though very useful information.”

Nicola – Conference organiser – Coventry

Interesting, useful & informative.

Charlotte E. – specialist marketing agency – Lichfield

I was lucky enough to be included in one of Andrew’s telemarketing training courses during my time as Account Director at MMS and found myself far more confident when making sales calls as a result. Andrew provided a host of useful tips and techniques which I have used regularly since and to great effect, not…

Shantell – Schoolwear manufacturer – Nottingham

“Fun, to the point – relevant. Good for team building.”

Joanne – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Very clear and well structured – as you would expect!

Elaine Shaw – Healthcare Packaging – Leicestershire

I think the pace was about right, and the level it was delivered was helpful, didn’t make anyone feel small, and involved everyone at the same time.

Jeanine Paul – Membership services – Coventry

Interactive and interesting as well as useful and memorable.

Scott – Sales Director – Educational supplies – Cambridgeshire

Enjoyable and a good introduction to communication and questioning

Mark – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I enjoyed it and I think it will help me be motivated.”