Ruth Childe – Food distribution – Leicester

I had reservations before I came on the course, but left feeling more confident about my ability and how I will apply my knowledge to my everyday work. Well done you !

Mark – Healthcare – Northampton

“It was a well structured, well delivered course. I enjoyed it far more than than I expected to and got more from it than I expected.”

Nikki – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Informative, fun. Helpful in how to communicate telephone skills. Keep on doing what you do. It’s the first course I’ve not got bored on!  

Patricia Couch – Food distribution – Northampton

All staff dealing with customers should be given the opportunity to attend.

Nicola – Motor dealership – Derby

“Informative and self-assessing.”

Joanne – Food distribution – Milton Keynes

“Andrew was very friendly and did not make me feel worried about the course or the roleplay. Keep up the good work.”

Trusha – Training course sales – Leicester

“Very interesting and useful training programme which will definitely help me approach my sales calls in a more effective way. I’ve also learnt, that there is a more to communicating via telephone than I initially thought.”

Ryan – PPE Supplier – Leicester

“Brilliant and extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Thea Ford – Telemarketing – Cambs

I think the thing I found best about the course was the way it was delivered. I found that I could relate to all the subjects & was extremely interested in what you had to say over the full 2 days – this is by the way quite astonishing as I have a very low…

Maria Kyraicou – I.T. distributor – Cambridge

Very good course, which was really enjoyable – most enjoyable one I’ve had so far. Delivered in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks

Michelle – Computer software telemarketing – Leicester

“Informative, useful, enjoyable. Good way of getting colleagues to communicate with each other.”

Chris E. – I.T. Developer – Cambridge

“I really enjoyed the course, I was sceptical at first. I am glad I attended & feel I have got a lot out of it. Andrew is a terrific teacher. Thanks Andrew”

Stephen – Training organisation – Northamptonshire

“A thoroughly informative and worthwhile course that will benefit me in various areas of my job and also outside of work as well.”

Kerrie – Direct Marketing agency – St. Ives

“You were friendly and able to get your message across very well. Your jokes are another story!”

Anne Lake – Property services – Coventry

If you want to go on a course that involves role playing and you don’t think you will enjoy it – give this course a go & eat your words !!

Mary-Ellen – Plastics – Northampton

“I thought you delivered the course well, and although I was really worried about role play etc. I think it was done in a fun and relaxing way.”