Angela – Renewable energy products – Corby

“Excellent, very good audience participation and interaction.”

Susan – Customer Service team leader – Golf equipment – Cambridge

“Highly interactive, fast-moving, customer service training delivered with humour and genuine interest in the participants.”

Karen – Barcode scanners – Nottinghamshire

“Very deep & detailed, but also had some fun factors.”

June – Educational supplies – Stoke on Trent

“You are very professional and came across very clearly and made it very understanding.”

Jo – PPE equipment – Leicestershire

“Interesting and energetic.”

Barbara Johnson – Paper & board suppliers – Milton Keynes

First class.

Carolynn – Educational Supplies – Birmingham

“I thought it was great. Very informative and thank you for giving me something interesting to think about. I am sure it will help me develop my leadership skills in the future.”

Rob – Motor dealership – Derbyshire

“Was delivered very well, not so much in one go and constant interaction helped the day go by successfully.”

Linda Hynd – Publishing group – Cambridge

“… I am quite happy to have a chat with your potential client, some of the staff still say that they enjoyed your training sessions most out of all the training that we have ever received. Kind regards, Linda”

Tracey – Construction Sales – Wellingborough

“Fun, relaxed, and very well organised and made everything easier to understand.”

Sheren – Packaging – Northampton

“Great for people starting out and serves as a great refresher because it irons out any bad habits you pick up along the way.”

Tim Ross – Automotive – Cambridge

Firstly thanks for yesterday. I have got some really good feedback from the team and they all found it enjoyable and useful. Amazingly so far (it’s still only 2.30) the Telesales team have got 18 demos between three of them. Normally they get 3-5 each a day and there’s plenty of time left still. Thanks…

Andrew – Metal components – Leicester

“It was well controlled and well structured. Good work.”

Ross – Commercial printing – Birmingham

“You kept interest levels high, and generally were approachable, friendly and willing. It would be beneficial to have a second 1 day course specifically on cold calling and role playing – to build my own confidence up.”

Laura – Membership services – Coventry

Interactive and easy to relate to your real job. Many courses I’ve been on before have been interesting but I could not relate them to my role – but this was useful.

Adam – Packaging – Corby

“I’d recommend it and say it was well carried out & interesting.”