Ruth Childe – Food distribution – Leicester

I had reservations before I came on the course, but left feeling more confident about my ability and how I will apply my knowledge to my everyday work. Well done you !

Angie – District Council – East Midlands

“Fun, informative and interesting.”

Michelle Ward – Health insurance

I found the course enjoyable & it highlighted things I hadn’t considered before.

Ann – Glass processors – Northampton

“Interesting, fun.”

Sarah – Publishing group – Cambridge

“The course was very enjoyable! It was delivered in a way that kept me interested throughout and I had a real laugh – which doesn’t always happen on training courses.”

Luke – Construction products – Coventry

Very insightful and you will be shocked what you can learn about human communication

Mark – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“Very practical based view of how to interact well and badly over the telephone.”

Paul – Commercial printers – Birmingham

“I feel the course was conducted at the right pace, allowing us to take in the extra knowledge, and also to have an enjoyable time throughout.”

Hamida – Electrical components – Manchester

“Very, very good.”

David Walker – Food packaging – Cambridgeshire

Of all the courses I have attended this was one of the better examples. Very enjoyable and very well delivered.

Laura – I.T. software sales – Coventry

“This course motivates you, and you go away with a head full of tips and ideas to try out !!”

Marnie – Home improvements – Coventry

“Thought it was well structured & the various styles used kept it interesting & informative.”

Jarmila S. – Membership services – Coventry

Found it very useful & believe that I’ll be better in my job from now on.

Tracey – Construction Sales – Wellingborough

“Fun, relaxed, and very well organised and made everything easier to understand.”

Beth Jones – Board and packaging – Corby

“Just thank you! I found it very interesting & very well delivered with the combination of interaction, recording & listening & all the content. Thorougly enjoyed it – thank you !”

Cristina Onodi – Hotel – West Midlands

You’re better than my communication teacher in uni so KEEP IT UP !