Vicki – Health insurer – Leicestershire

“It was very thorough & extremely helpful & very clearly delivered. Thank you.”

Michael – Motor group – Derbyshire

“Enjoyed the interactive parts of the course, maybe more of this.”

Karl – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“The topics were covered in an interesting & entertaining way. And I am looking forward to working with you again.”

Allison – Product packaging – Corby

“A good way to make you more aware of how you communicate and how it can be perceived by others.”

Steve Hunter – Healthcare Services – Milton Keynes

Well structured but informal. Well presented.

Joy – Packaging – Corby

“Very intense, but very very useful in whatever job role you do.”

Joanne – Materials handling – Birmingham

“Keep up the accents as it keeps it quite light-hearted and brings the fun element into what could be a long day. I also liked the role playing and getting involved.”

Sarah Hill – Food distribution – Corby

You made it fun and very enjoyable. Although I was very nervous about doing the role plays, the way you did it made it fun and I felt involved.

Maria Kyraicou – I.T. distributor – Cambridge

Very good course, which was really enjoyable – most enjoyable one I’ve had so far. Delivered in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks

Mark – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I enjoyed it and I think it will help me be motivated.”

Adam – Packaging – Corby

“I’d recommend it and say it was well carried out & interesting.”

Graham – Contract distribution – Nottinghamshire

“Fun, interesting, very informative and useful.”

Jackie – Healthcare services – Nottingham

“I enjoyed the course & found the balance between discussion and role play excellent. I don’t normally enjoy role play, but I did this time. The wine helped!”

Jack Rose – Marketing agency – Birmingham

It makes you realise how important the obvious things are, and how to use them to your advantage with little effort.

Andrew – Contract distribution – Nottingham

“Informative and enjoyable focusing on customer service. I’ve been on similar courses but this was by far the best.”

James – PPE Distributor – Leicester

“An in depth and interesting look at the way we communicate with others, the positives and the negatives, and what improvements we can make to ourselves to help us in work and everyday life.”