Claire – Health insurance provider – Leicestershire

“I think the course was excellent. I was actually dreading it but found it fun, helpful, useful and very informative. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING !!!”

Tracey – Construction Sales – Wellingborough

“Fun, relaxed, and very well organised and made everything easier to understand.”

Becky – Council – Northamptonshire

“A valuable training course which everybody can gain from, despite previous experience.”

Allison – Product packaging – Corby

“A good way to make you more aware of how you communicate and how it can be perceived by others.”

Morne – Compressors – Northampton

“there’s not much I could say to help. You’re on the ball as it is. Best of luck in the future! Explanations were excellent as well.”

Chris – Industrial Machine Tools – East Midlands

“I thought there was too much listening and not enough exercises to do.”

Sean – Pallet distribution – Scotland

“I was not looking forward to the course, but found it fun, interesting and it will benefit me in my day to day job.”

Julie – Machine Tools – Birmingham

“Fun to learn, very relaxed atmosphere, no pressure.”

Sophie – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Don’t change anything! Personal experiences always help to deliver a message and or give examples.”

Emma-Lima – School publishing – Cambridge

“It was a good all round course, helpful and enjoyable.”

Nick – Industrial distribution – Nottingham

“Entertaining and light hearted.”

Scott – Sales Director – Educational supplies – Cambridgeshire

Enjoyable and a good introduction to communication and questioning

Michaela – Industrial Storage – Birmingham

“everything taught seemed to be relevant, the role plays were enjoyable and helped because we got involved. Very enjoyable course.”

Hannah – District Council – East Midlands

“I felt I learnt a lot and it was good to have training like this.”

Jaswinder – Portrait studios – Leicester

“excellent and informative.”

Nael – Barcode scanner software – Nottingham

“Useful, detailed and professional.”