Debbie G. – Membership services – Coventry

Fun, interesting, very useful, delivered well.

Chris E. – I.T. Developer – Cambridge

“I really enjoyed the course, I was sceptical at first. I am glad I attended & feel I have got a lot out of it. Andrew is a terrific teacher. Thanks Andrew”

Ruth – Travel industry – Leicester

“I found the course very interesting and informative. I think this will be very beneficial in my job.”

Alan Munroe – Optical Services – Sheffield

Informative and good for people who use the phone and are not comfortable using it.

Melanie – Healthcare Packaging – Nottingham

part 2 ……“It was fast paced and entertaining. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile.”

Annette – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“Although I did not enjoy listening to myself I found this extremely useful & would like to do it again. Great day thanks.” from a follow-up programme working with recorded ‘live’ calls.

Pete – Construction products – Oakham

“Fluid, informative, educational, salady.”

Angela – Renewable energy products – Corby

“Excellent, very good audience participation and interaction.”

Joanne – Materials handling – Birmingham

“Keep up the accents as it keeps it quite light-hearted and brings the fun element into what could be a long day. I also liked the role playing and getting involved.”

Janet – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Enjoyable course which will be helpful in work and socially.”

Claire – Healthcare services – Milton Keynes

“… could have included more specific objections etc – techniques that would help us specifically in our roles. The delivery of the course itself and use of phones was excellent, very professionally done. Thanks.”

Amy – East Midlands district council

“Very well thought out & fun. Everybody gets involved and you can gain lots of knowledge or remember the knowledge you forgot.”

Ed – Health solutions provider – Leicester

“well paced, good fun, interesting and most of all valuable for my future career.”

Toni – East Midlands District Council – Leicestershire

“It was a very good and useful course. Very well presented.”

Sue – Direct marketing agency – Cambridge

“I thought you put all points of view across very clear and precise. I also liked your sense of humour – please don’t lose that!”

Thea Ford – Telemarketing – Cambs

I think the thing I found best about the course was the way it was delivered. I found that I could relate to all the subjects & was extremely interested in what you had to say over the full 2 days – this is by the way quite astonishing as I have a very low…