Peter Cavanagh – Vehicle leasing – Leicestershire

It was very good, the pace of delivery was well judged. Content good. It was fun

Patricia Couch – Food distribution – Northampton

All staff dealing with customers should be given the opportunity to attend.

Trusha – Training course sales – Leicester

“Very interesting and useful training programme which will definitely help me approach my sales calls in a more effective way. I’ve also learnt, that there is a more to communicating via telephone than I initially thought.”

Duncan C. – Construction – Leicestershire

Andrew delivers good down to earth training which added real value to my business. His interpersonal skills ensure that everyone who attends his courses come away with something positive. from LinkedIn

Michelle Ward – Health insurance

I found the course enjoyable & it highlighted things I hadn’t considered before.

Toni – East Midlands District Council – Leicestershire

“It was a very good and useful course. Very well presented.”

Rachel – team leader – Electrical components – Leicester

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course & feel it was time well spent. I have learnt a lot, which is relevant to my daily job.”

Julie – Machine Tools – Birmingham

“Fun to learn, very relaxed atmosphere, no pressure.”

Marilyn – Product packaging – Corby

“Very professional. Made the course easy to follow.”

Stephanie – Chemical suppliers – Northampton

“It was nice that you kept us involved all through the course and didn’t just talk at us. Giving examples of personal experiences you’ve had was good too, also keeping a touch of humour.”

Jo – PPE equipment – Leicestershire

“Interesting and energetic.”

Fiona – Commercial Printers – Birmingham

“the course was delivered professionally, and had lots of fun exercises. Thank you for an enjoyable time.”

Sophie – Publishing group – Cambridge

“Don’t change anything! Personal experiences always help to deliver a message and or give examples.”

Nicola – Conference organiser – Coventry

Interesting, useful & informative.

Jackie – Finance officer – Training organisation – Corby

“Very useful & beneficial to any workforce.”

Steve – Food packaging – Corby

“No further comments – you asked all the right questions! Delivery was very good, relaxed but assertive.”