Charlotte E. – specialist marketing agency – Lichfield

I was lucky enough to be included in one of Andrew’s telemarketing training courses during my time as Account Director at MMS and found myself far more confident when making sales calls as a result. Andrew provided a host of useful tips and techniques which I have used regularly since and to great effect, not…

Karen – Periodicals publishing – Newmarket

“The course was interesting and informative. It was delivered in a relaxed way, which made it easier to join in and answer questions. The role play was enjoyable although at other courses I’ve found this intimidating.”

Sadie – Council – Northampton

“Good, informative, productive fun !!”

Rebecca – Barcode software – Nottinghamshire

“Informative, not scary, useful, fun, relaxed.”

Ian – IT Development supplier – Leicester

“I did genuinely enjoy the course & feel it was of benefit. There are elements I will certainly take back into the work environment which I think will improve my performance. Thanks !”

Gareth Hunt – Industrial – Birmingham

I thought the course was very well constructed and the standard of presentation was excellent.

Martin – Industrial conglomerate – Manchester

“Interesting, useful, and gives a good insight into what you use every day from the moment you are born – communication.”

Trusha – Training course sales – Leicester

“Very interesting and useful training programme which will definitely help me approach my sales calls in a more effective way. I’ve also learnt, that there is a more to communicating via telephone than I initially thought.”

Pat S. – Outsourcing specialist – Leicester

Andrew is the true sales professional – personable, knowledgeable and eloquent. His presentations / training sessions are enjoyable and informative. Definitely an eye-opener and encourages new ideas to burgeon forth. from LinkedIn

Joanne – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Very clear and well structured – as you would expect!

Gill – Periodicals publishing – Cambridgeshire

“It was all excellent, the content and how you encouraged us to participate and make us feel a group and not trainer and trainees.”

Jane Bridle – Meat processing – Coventry

I thought you were very relaxed and friendly which made me want to listen to you, you talked to me and not at me. Well done.

Michael – Motor dealer group – Nottingham

“I think the course was structured and delivered superbly and I really enjoyed the day.” from the advanced one day course

Rita S. – Customer Service Manager – Membership services – Coventry

Informative, makes you think about things from a customers point of view. Very enjoyable

Dan Woodcock – Medical care – Nottinghamshire

Well structured and you have a memory like an elephant !!!

Chris – Industrial storage – Northampton

“Very rewarding and interesting.”