Kaye – Industrial machine tools – Leicestershire

“Very good! Covered all aspects of communication in great detail.”

Melanie – Healthcare Packaging – Nottingham

part 2 ……“It was fast paced and entertaining. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile.”

Dale – Janitorial Supplies – Leicester

“A very helpful insight for the inexperienced. Great topics, great knowledge.”

Jennie – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I think your conduct and character was professional yet interesting. The course did not seem to drag on, or be dull. Breaking the day up with activities also helped.”

James – PPE Distributor – Leicester

“An in depth and interesting look at the way we communicate with others, the positives and the negatives, and what improvements we can make to ourselves to help us in work and everyday life.”

Elspeth – District Council – East Midlands

“Very informative, relaxed and most of all easy to follow – not all jargon.”

David – Sportswear manufacturer – Cambridgeshire

“Constructive (even with years of experience under our belts).”

Sue – Golf equipment manufacturer – Cambridge

“Highly interactive, fast-moving customer service training delivered with humour and genuine interest in the participants.”

Vikki – Greetings card publishing – Milton Keynes

“I actually enjoyed it – particularly the role plays which I have in the past hated. They were fun and not at all intimidating.”

Ellen – Council – Northamptonshire

“Informative, relevant, fun, enjoyable. This coming from the pre-conception before the course of : I’ve been doing my job for over 10 years so I didn’t really feel that I could gain very much.”

Charlayne Makan – Healthcare Packaging – Leicestershire

It was a well constructed course. Very well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed – thank you.

Ajay – Industrial products – Leicester

“Easy to contribute and well laid out.”

Nick – Industrial distribution – Nottingham

“Entertaining and light hearted.”

Sue Robinson – Training Services – Banbury

I enjoyed the course Andrew, and your delivery was excellent. You made it fun yet informative. Thank you – I hope I do your training justice !

Pippa – Telemarketing agency – Birmingham

“Informative, fun and very useful.”

Claire – Healthcare services – Milton Keynes

“… could have included more specific objections etc – techniques that would help us specifically in our roles. The delivery of the course itself and use of phones was excellent, very professionally done. Thanks.”