Carol – School books seller – Cambridgeshire

“I found all of the course most interesting and informative. Can think of no improvements.”

Sonia – Metals manufacturer – Birmingham

“Friendly, well organised, good practical examples.”

Marnie – Home improvements – Coventry

“Thought it was well structured & the various styles used kept it interesting & informative.”

Angela – Ventilation systems – Oxford

“it was a nice relaxed feeling, and I know that everybody felt comfortable with being honest and ‘themself.’ We all enjoyed the 2 days and appreciate the time you spent with us. Thank you “

Sean – Warehousing and distribution – Scotland

“Interesting, fun to attend and very worthwhile.”

Thea Ford – Telemarketing – Cambs

I think the thing I found best about the course was the way it was delivered. I found that I could relate to all the subjects & was extremely interested in what you had to say over the full 2 days – this is by the way quite astonishing as I have a very low…

Graham Wilkinson – Packaging – Leicester

Very enjoyable and made enjoyable by your friendly nature. Very impressed with how you got everyone involved and encouraged people to give their opinions.

Louisa – Healthcare products – Leicester

“I enjoyed the course and am looking forward to putting it into practice.”

Brenda Rhodes – marketing agency – Birmingham

Enjoyable – informative – very useful hints & tips

Lois – Healthcare insurance – Birmingham

“I enjoyed your delivery of the course. You kept me interested !!”

Ken – Healthcare packaging – Leicester

“It was obviously extremely well prepared. Very instructive. Very well delivered, friendly and professional.”

Rebecca – Laboratory supplies – Northampton

“I really enjoyed the course and felt that I have learnt a lot over the last 2 days, due to the entertaining way it was presented by you.”

Kerry – team leader – Educational Supplies – Birmingham

“I really enjoyed this course. It held my attention for the full 2 days. the pace was quick enough & the role play was especially good. We would benefit from this kind of training on a half yearly or yearly refresher basis.”

Sara – Print software – Northampton

“I think it was very good and well structured. You delivered everything very well with a clear, concise approach.”

Rhona Silver – Payroll training – Oxford

Time flew – it was very informative and I found Andrew very approachable. It helped in team building and self confidence.

Graham – Construction products – Leicestershire

“Fun, relaxed, comfortable.”