Gemma – Book publishing – Cambs

“Fun but helpful two days :-)”

Claire – Healthcare services – Milton Keynes

“… could have included more specific objections etc – techniques that would help us specifically in our roles. The delivery of the course itself and use of phones was excellent, very professionally done. Thanks.”

Ricky Westran – Car dealership – Derby

Very well structured, entertaining and helpful

Lois – Healthcare insurance – Birmingham

“I enjoyed your delivery of the course. You kept me interested !!”

Alastair Campbell – I.T. development – Leicester

Hi Andrew. Just to let you know that the team made 13 appointments today. Previously the most they achieved this week was 10 – and of course the 13 was made in half a day. Thanks! Alastair

Maria Kyraicou – I.T. distributor – Cambridge

Very good course, which was really enjoyable – most enjoyable one I’ve had so far. Delivered in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks

Gerry – School books provider – Birmingham

“I enjoyed the course, lively and active.”

Celia – Publishing group – Cambridge

“I really enjoyed the role play, so perhaps there could be more activities incorporated. I prefer active learning, rather than sitting & writing things down. Altogether a blindin’ course. Thanks Andrew !”

Susan – Customer Service team leader – Golf equipment – Cambridge

“Highly interactive, fast-moving, customer service training delivered with humour and genuine interest in the participants.”

Shantell – Schoolwear manufacturer – Nottingham

“Fun, to the point – relevant. Good for team building.”

Jennie – Publishing group – Nottingham

“I think your conduct and character was professional yet interesting. The course did not seem to drag on, or be dull. Breaking the day up with activities also helped.”

Sarah – Health insurance – Leicester

“I was able to participate without being pressurised. I think you identified our characters well and therefore everyone was involved at a level they felt comfortable with.”

Carol Kane – Food supplier – Corby

I found your delivery interesting, simple and easy to follow. My mind rarely wandered, you obviously practice what you preach. Good luck and thanks

Louise – Industrial parts distributor – Leicester

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought you were clear and explained well.”

Stephen – Pallet distribution – Leicester

“Very informative, good explanation, skills and techniques and very enjoyable.”

Stephen – Training organisation – Northamptonshire

“A thoroughly informative and worthwhile course that will benefit me in various areas of my job and also outside of work as well.”