Sue – Electrical products – Corby

Teaches you a lot about your every day role and how you make an impression over the phone.

Sandeep – Metal products – Leicester

“I am very glad I attended the course. I have learnt a lot especially as I have not experienced many telephone conversations like the others. Now in the future it will be much easier for me. Thank you for teaching me lots of new things.”

Katrina – Aerial photography – Cambridge

“Enjoyed it. You’re easy to talk to, make it interesting, but at the same time can have a laugh & make it enjoyable.”

Peter Archer – Publishing – Cambridge

I believe the course to be excellent and presented brilliantly by the tutor.

Louise – Council – Northamptonshire

“Fun, informative and well worth it.”

Alastair – Marketing consultancy – Leicester

Andrew is a first class trainer who delivers an impressive range of material with a high degree of commitment and skill. from LinkedIn

Sean – Pallet distribution – Scotland

“I was not looking forward to the course, but found it fun, interesting and it will benefit me in my day to day job.”

Janet – Interior fit-out sales – Northamptonshire

“Very helpful, I really enjoyed it.”

Laura – I.T. software sales – Coventry

“This course motivates you, and you go away with a head full of tips and ideas to try out !!”

Ken – Healthcare packaging – Leicester

“It was obviously extremely well prepared. Very instructive. Very well delivered, friendly and professional.”

Nicola – Corporate signage – Northampton

“I thought it was delivered well and getting us involved quite a lot is not something that a lot of trainers do, but really works well.”

Susan – Customer Service team leader – Golf equipment – Cambridge

“Highly interactive, fast-moving, customer service training delivered with humour and genuine interest in the participants.”

Rob – Motor dealership – Derbyshire

“Was delivered very well, not so much in one go and constant interaction helped the day go by successfully.”

Sheren – Packaging – Northampton

“Great for people starting out and serves as a great refresher because it irons out any bad habits you pick up along the way.”

David – Sales manager – Fork truck distributor – Birmingham

Enjoyable, fun and beneficial.

Sarah Jones – Conference provider – Coventry

Brilliant! Good fun, informative.