Amanda Day – Foodservice – Milton Keynes

I enjoyed the course. The trainer was very energetic in keeping the audience attentive (which always helps !)

Nick – Industrial distribution – Nottingham

“Entertaining and light hearted.”

Chris E. – I.T. Developer – Cambridge

“I really enjoyed the course, I was sceptical at first. I am glad I attended & feel I have got a lot out of it. Andrew is a terrific teacher. Thanks Andrew”

Martin – Industrial conglomerate – Manchester

“Interesting, useful, and gives a good insight into what you use every day from the moment you are born – communication.”

Joanne – Industrial coatings – Coventry

Very clear and well structured – as you would expect!

Julie – Industrial storage – Birmingham

“I think another course would definitely be of great benefit but going in to more detail – more intense role plays. I also found that helpful criticism was good.”

Gemma S – Sales Manager – Safe installers – Birmingham

Very interesting, a relaxed environment, a lot of valuable topics covered where you learn a lot.

Alison – Barcode scanners – Nottingham

“Very eye opening, informative and fun.”

David – Sales manager – Fork truck distributor – Birmingham

Enjoyable, fun and beneficial.

David – Sportswear manufacturer – Cambridgeshire

“Constructive (even with years of experience under our belts).”

Dawn – Schoolwear manufacturer – Nottingham

“Relevant. Genuinely helpful. Enjoyable. Confirmation of skills I didn’t realise I was using.”

Debbie G. – Membership services – Coventry

Fun, interesting, very useful, delivered well.

Jarmila S. – Membership services – Coventry

Found it very useful & believe that I’ll be better in my job from now on.

Jack Rose – Marketing agency – Birmingham

It makes you realise how important the obvious things are, and how to use them to your advantage with little effort.

Dean McGowan – Vehicle leasing – Northampton

I think the course is a very good source of information for new salesmen, and that it will help them to be successful if they listen and take it on.

Victoria – Tour operator – Leicester

“As you made it interesting and used role plays to split the units up, I wanted to listen to what you were saying. It flew by and I really enjoyed the 2 days.”